Mexico is known to be among the greatest holiday and tourist destinations in the world. The country has everything a traveller needs for satisfying his urge. Miles long beaches, Crystal clear waters, tropical forest, lakes, hills, deserts, land and marine wildlife; the list can go on and on.

Folk art traditions, former Columbian architectures, ritual and metropolitan monumental buildings and Spanish speaking population are the few of the values of the Mexico. The United Mexican State is one of the republic states in the North America. North side of the Mexico is bordered by United States, Pacific Sea is on the south and west part and Mexico is covered by Gulf of Mexico in the eastern side. As its total geographical area is almost two million square Km (760000 sq miles), it is listed the 5th largest country in the Americas. It also becomes 13th largest independent states among the republic countries in the world. The total population of Mexico is now more than 113 million.

Because of the diverse weather system that Mexico has, temperature is steady throughout the year and varies purely as a function of altitude. The annual median temperature is between 24 to 28 °C (75.2 to 82.4 °F) with a 5 °C (9 °F) of difference between the seasons of winter and summer. Most of the cities in Mexico particularly in the north part have a dry climate with intermittent rainfall and meantime the average rainfall in the tropical lower lands in the southern part is more than 2000 mm for its annual record.

Mexico is sheltering for around 12% of world’s biodiversity. And also it becomes the second states in the world for ecosystem and claims also the 4th place for overall species.

Tourism is one of the most income generating industries for Mexico and it gets first in rank in Latin America. Most of the tourists are from the United States and Canada. A considerable number of tourists are from Europe and Asia as well. Interesting to know that according to the year 2000 statistical data, 9.54% of the Mexico’s population is represented by indigenous people. If you want to visit indigenous people, you are advised to make a trip to the central and southern states of the Mexico as these are the regions of Mexico where indigenous people are densely populated.

Mexican cuisine is basically a combination of traditional cooking with European recipes, however especially represented by Spanish recipes. Mexican cuisine is based on to its culture and social traditions of the country. Use of a Mole is an example of this tradition and it is used for special occasions and holidays.

If you are intending to make a trip to Mexico, visiting to Acapulco makes your holiday more memorable. You can watch divers who perform their inspiring jumps into the sea in Acapulco. You should not miss the chance to visit Baja California peninsula in Mexico if you are a fan of water sports. 20 miles long white sandy beaches along with all modern facilitated restaurants will make you a happiest man during your stay in Mexico. The Los Cabos beach is called the world’s greatest destination for sport fishing. If you are interested in architectures and sculptures, you may visit Palenque which is the famous archeological site which is situated in the city of Chiapas.