Meetings Made Easy with Google ChromeboxPeople will no longer have to worry about where or how to conduct their meetings all thanks to the new Chromebox that was announced by Google Inc. It is the primary aim of the search engine giant to provide a low-cost alternative to videoconferencing software and hardware and that’s what it does with its new ChromeBox that’s aimed at businesses. The initial cost of the device has been set at $999 for the first year and this also includes support. After one year has passed, clients will have to pay $250 a year if they also want support along with the ChromeBox. The company has assured businesses that with Google Chormebox, office meetings can be effectively conducted as it is easy to use and the cost is also lower as compared to the other solutions available in the market.

This device is powered by an Intel Core i7 fourth generation processor and it also has a high definition webcam, which will enable all respective participants to see each other as clearly as possible when they are having a meeting. A microphone and speaker combo is also offered with the Chromebox and it is combined with a remote control. Caesar Sangupta, the vice president of Google Chromebooks has stated that the reason behind the development of this product was to resolve the telecommunication problems faced by Google itself. That’s how the concept and idea of Google’s Chromebox meetings had come into existence.

Generally, in today’s fast developing world, it has become common for businesses to have a need of communicating with their teams that are situated in different locations over the globe or even with clients or customers that live in remote areas of the world. In these scenarios, having the Chromebox for conducting meetings would prove to be immensely useful for businesses. Currently, these kinds of meetings are facilitated by a number of systems, but when a joint conference is being conducted, people who are already part of the conference are not aware of who else has joined the conference.

Moreover, it is also not apparent if the others are interested in what is being said by one. Also, when a person who is not familiar with the system joins the conference, they can easily get confused with the beep sounds that signify someone entering or leaving the meeting. However, any of these problems would not be experienced with the Google Chromebox as the system is design to inculcate common sense within it. For instance, the system will highlight the individual who is speaking and screens can also be shared amongst the participants during the meeting.

Furthermore, the best part is that it is not necessary for everyone who is part of the meeting to have Chromebox. Even if only a single user has it, it is possible for 15 people to connect to it and conduct a meeting in this way. In addition, the software is compatible with laptops, desktop computers, notebooks and mobile devices as well. The initial launch partners are Asus, HP and Dell.