President Barack Obama was having a dinner party at the White House on 24 November 2009. He has invited the India’s Prime Minister, Manmohan Singh but little did he know that the party will be surrounded by scandals from three uninvited guests. Mayor Allen, whose real name is Carlos Roberto Allen, was among the three people who are alleged to have attempted to crash Obama’s party in the White House. However, he was the less known among those three people.

This crash has spread all over whereby Mayor Allen has consequently decided to remove his photos from a social networking site, Facebook. He knew that people have identified him as among those controversial people then decided to fade away the controversy. It is alleged that they came to the White House and were never found on the quests list. Those people he was among them are Tareq and Michaele.

When interviewed on Monday by a reporter Robin Roberts in the America’s famous program known as “Good morning America”, Mayor Carlos Allen insisted to have been invited to the event. Surprisingly, he had no material proof as to whether his claims were legitimate or not. He could not produce any card or any paper written his name to support his invitation. However, he kept on insisting that he got an invite and he got it via mail. Yet he couldn’t proof the receipt of that mail. To everyone even the security personnel at the White House he told them that he got an invitation the same day of the event.

While at the White House, he claimed to have not known about the procedures and mode of operation of the Secret Service at the White House. After finding out that they were not among the guests, the security personnel at the White House subpoenaed them in an attempt to testify them. Nevertheless, knowing that they are officially not invited, they resisted that step. It was deemed a security breach. As did his co-accused, Mayor Allen has not got close to President Barack Obama.

Mayor Allen, the Washington based businessman, a year after the controversy at the White House, he ran for the bid to be a mayor of Washington DC. His life was multi-directional from being a business man, musician and to a politician. The allegations surrounding him as a dinner crasher almost came against him in a bid to being a Mayor.