Mayor Allen remains one of the rare personalities who always go for what he thinks that he is capable of. Ever since he was 12 years old, he has been one of the rare individuals with high determination. His prowess in entrepreneurship is evidenced by the success of HUSH society magazine that he runs as the CEO and a slew of reputable mortgage and business consultancy agencies within Washington DC and its environs. And now, Mayor Allen has given his life another face; a rapper with amazing talent.

According to Mayor Allen, he has been having passion towards music but it has never crossed his mind that he could be an excellent producer and a moving Hip Hop rapper. He was shocked to find how easy he was going in music in both music production and performance early in January, 2012.

Hip Hop music seems to be a perfect complement to Mayor Allen’s passion in creating a positive impact in the society. Two years ago, Mayor Allen was one of the contending Washington DC mayors but he lost narrowly to his opponents. Allen said that he wanted to make a tangible impact in improving the lives of his countrymen. Even though he did not make it to be the Washington Mayor, his new turn into Hip Hop music will help him enlighten the society and agitate for change in undesirable systems of governance within his district and the entire states.

As young as he is in the music industry, Mayor Allen has displayed great skills in music production and in performance. His lyrics are very moving and have a great touch on society’s livelihood. Nevertheless, the tunes are great and always leave the body in a dancing mood. Allen has also proved to be one of the rare artists who are able to vary their voice which helps break away from monotony bondage. His few tracks which are in his new debut, Mayor Allen Vol. 1, have given him great credit and it’s a clear indication that Hip Hop has yet another artist who will keep it alive for a number of decades to come. Some of his songs which are already hitting high on hip hop charts include Party all Night Long, Ring the Bells and Beep track. According to the new hip hop artist, he will be shooting ‘Party all Night Long’ video very soon and he has promised to give his fans a track with the true feel of Hip Hop.