MaxPhonics; Enhancing the Learning Process
The introduction of smartphones and tablets has revolutionized everything. These devices have managed to invade every walk of life and have made people dependent on them for performing a myriad of tasks. It has been proven that these devices can be used for pretty much everything; you can control your home’s security system, change the TV channel or even make online purchases with your devices. Another field that has been changed is that of education. The teaching and learning process used in classrooms is no longer the same; with devices like the iPad and the iPhone, learning has become an engaging and unique process.

Smartphones and tablet devices are different from regular devices because it is possible for users to download apps on them. These applications are responsible for performing various functions. Therefore, it is easy to find applications that are dedicating towards teaching and learning. MaxPhonics is one such app that has utilized the special potential of these popular devices to its advantage and provided people with a unique and effective learning solution for their kids. Because these devices have pervaded every household, they should be used for a good and beneficial purpose rather than just for entertainment.

Considering this fact, MaxScholar has come up with MaxPhonics, a program that’s dedicated to teaching learners of various ages. The multi-sensory Orton-Gillingham method has been used as the basis of forming this comprehensive and straightforward program. It offers a complete solution for teaching young learners the basics of phonics that can help them in becoming better readers in the future and enhance their learning. The program comprises of four individual modules that include Blends, Consonants and short vowels, PreK and Digraphs. Each of these modules comprises of a number of chapters that are focused on teaching a plethora of skills to children.

The full version of MaxPhonics can offer about 500 hours of learning, which also includes lots of practice drills and comprehensive exercises for each of the 15 chapters that are offered. The cost per chapter is $0.99, but the exercises are provided for free. This can prove to be immensely cost effective as compared to other applications in the app market and even books that people usually use for teaching the basics of phonics and reading to children. Currently, the application can be found in the App Store of Apple Inc. and can be downloaded on iPhones and iPads with ease.

Another perk for parents is that they don’t need to be technology savvy to be able to run and operate the MaxPhonics app. It has an easy to use and responsive interface, which is not just beneficial for the parents, but also engages children. The method used by the app for teaching purposes has been researched properly and has provided amazing results. Once the program is complete, children will have developed multiple skills through kinesthetic, visual and auditory drills and will have the reading foundation they need. MaxPhonics is offering a lot more that can be found elsewhere and it is the best choice for teaching basics. Read more about the app here.