Make The Best Of Your Relationship With Your Child

You do everything for your child but have you ever wondered what makes your child gives his best. He doesn’t need your presence but needs you to be present bedside him. Parents and specially a mom can be children’s friends but believe me! A little more effort can make you their best friend too.

Bringing the child in the world is what makes you a mother but bringing them up well in all aspects of life is what makes you a mom; and being a mom is never easy. If you love your child, then you must want to be their friend so that you can better learn about whatever goes in their lives. For this you first need to understand what friendship means to your child.

Understanding what friendship means to a child is not difficult. It’s somehow similar to what we expect from our relations. A preschool child considers those a friend who like and express their likeness as well, loves to spend lots of time playing with him , and shares their toys.

On the other hand, to a middle child, friendship means kindness that can come up in various forms and the child starts counting on his friend to get support.

And I guess this doesn’t go for children only as the elders too find this all in a friend. For this reason, the acts of excuses, apologizes, and explanations that are made for violating the expectations of friendship become vital.

The early teenage years will take the relationship on greater depth as soon as a friend is viewed very important to help other relieve psychological stress like loneliness, unhappiness, and feelings of fear. Let’s talk about some tips that will help you be the best friend of your child.

Spending Quality Time With Your Child

Everyone spends time with their children but being your child’s friend calls for spending quality time with them. Make your moments memorable that your child will always cherish. You can create many ways to spend quality time with your child. Playing board games, puzzles, or the games of your child’s interest is a good idea to be friends with them. You can utilize your kitchen time along with playing or involving them in the food preparation. For example, Cook spaghetti, noodles and bake cookies or cakes together. Take your child to friendly trips like zoo, amusement parks and so on

Take Care Of Your Promises:

Children are very sensitive about the promises you make with them. So be careful when making promises to your children and if sometimes you fail, make a sweet apologize and explain what made you not reaching their desire.

Portray Emotional Support

Make your children believe that you are always there for them. Encouraging your children when they are discouraged is the key of the bond you share with your child. Giving them comfort when they are feeling blue, enjoying and showing enthusiasm at their successes are a few ways to show your support to them.

Make your children see you as someone who tries their best to to give whatever they need, to help even if it involves lots of sacrifices. You, off course should allow your child to get friends outside the home and then you will see the difference when you become your child’s best friend.

These were some simple but real ways to be your children’s best friend. You can get more ways to get a closer bond and togetherness with your child however like every relationship, the relationship of parents and children demands spending quality time together.