Online Backup has become very popular in recent few years because of its reliability and security. Although the hard drives and writeable disks have become cheap but the need of Online Backup is still increasing. This is mainly because of the reason that making backup online gives you features that cannot be availed while making backup on some external storage device. These features include downloading and uploading whenever you want from your data. This also makes file sharing easy and more convenient. Websites that provide you with the facility of making backup online make good money for their owners and its becoming a good business.

Online Backup is preferred for people and businessmen who run their business online because their databases are not safe on their own and data can be lost at any time. Making backup online also enables them to reach their data any time they want from any place in the world where they have internet access. They can also grant password protected access to their clients to reach the data whenever they want. Online data storage is monitored and protected by IT experts who are hired by the companies to protect and maintain the database of their businesses.

There are websites that offer Online Backup for as cheap as $40 per month. All the hard work of protecting, fragmenting and managing the data lies with them. This makes the process of making backup online quite easy as all you have to do is choose a package plan that meets your preferences. They have packages for large businesses, moderate level businesses and individuals. You get the online storage capacity according to the amount you pay. Sometimes when the database is too large, you can get a separate domain for your database and for this purpose you have to pay them good money as you enjoy double advantages. Online Backup gives you a restore point for your database in case of data loss. It saves you from the pain of starting from the scratch which also helps in keeping your database alive when the data is lost. The cost of the backup depends on various factors such as the amount of data to be uploaded, number of features availed and the level of service you demand from the website etc. People who make Online Backup sometimes shift their whole database to online because of the advantages of online storage over the traditional backup.