Low Cost Business Ideas

We have performed a thorough research on the best low cost business ideas that are in demand right now and will continue to be so in the future. The results are below. The start-up capital for them is very low or non-existent. Any person can start a business as long as they are passionate about it.

On-wheels salon

As people live longer, there’s a growing need for elderly-oriented services of different kinds. And not all have something to do with hospital treatment or retirement centers. One such service, a salon on wheels that travels to clients’ homes to do a new hair-cut or nails, has great potential for prospering. As aging post-world war generation move into the elderly citizen segment, there will be a growing demand for services on the wheels that help keep baby boomers looking beautiful without forcing them to organize a trip to the salon.

Healthy vending machine business

There are more and more health-obsessed and time-limited people are looking for fast food on the go that is healthier than the coffee and chocolate bars you usually find in automats. This has resulted in a whole new industry of eco- or organic oriented, one of a kind and niche vending companies that give franchisees an opportunity to have and use several machines. One franchise pulled off proliferating healthy vending machines in colleges, libraries, cinemas, etc. A vending-machine business gives partners the opportunity to organize a small business and test the ground.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing has been growing at a fast speed for the last few years and this year seems like it will be no exception. From new techniques of attribution and new platforms such as mobile or non-traditional partnership opportunities, 2015 promises lots of changes to the business. We recommend you to be checking out companies that let them earn the most. One of such companies is Alibaba with its great Aliexpress Affiliate Program that has helped a lot of small business earn money.  The more products Affiliates import on their sites, the more money they can generate. For a bulk import you can use various plugins, for example Aliplugin WordPress plugin.

Testing business

Web software and online payment systems become indispensable for companies. However sometimes, they don’t function. The reason is that companies don’t test their apps or software properly. Individual testers or testing companies are popular now. You can easily build a niche in this market. So, try to specialize rather than taking the broad market approach.

Translator of a difficult language (Arabic or Japanese)

If you mention somebody that you’re an Arabic translator, people start seeing you from the different angle, as if you told them that you are a rocket scientist or nuclear physicist.  The advantages of being able to read and speak in such a difficult language, great job opportunities and opportunity to travel are some of the many pluses of being an Arabic translator. The other is the high demand for the language. Arabic translation is extremely needed at the moment. The media is playing a key role in forcing Arabic and Arabic translation to the public eye. Since, there is better news coverage of the politics and economics of the Middle East, arabic language is becoming accessible to the more people, making its translation extremely important and attractive.


Whether you have mastered calligraphic skills over the years of practice or just starting, a business that is usually associated with envelopes—like wedding invitations—could be a retro business startup idea. Another niche here is Eastern calligraphy. You can do Chinese or Arabic calligraphy which is hot now, even if you know practically nothing of the language. It is also a good motivation to learn a new language.