If you are planning to hire a nanny for your child, it is important that you have realistic expectations. Presented below is a list of nine things you need to know before hiring a nanny.

1. Nannies Can Also Be Picky About Who They Work For

In any fair relationship, both participants have equal right to choose whether they would like to work with a particular employer and vice-versa. Thus, your prospective nanny will judge you with the same things that you judge her, for example, attitudes, personality traits, temperament, dependability and reliability. Of course nannies will also consider other factors such as size of family, work environment, expected hours, communication style, dynamics, location as well as distance to major centers, pay rates and amount of work that she is expected to do.

2. They Get Burned Out and Need Rest

Just as you need to rest after working all day, so does your nanny. This means you will have to give her enough time to rest and relax. Working overtime every single day will cause your nanny to be exhausted and irritable, thus it is a good idea to give her the time off she requires to recover from a long, difficult week.

3. Not All Nannies Are the Same

Just like all individuals, nannies come to the job with various skill levels, education, experiences, personality traits, temperaments, attitudes and energy levels. What is commonsensical to one individual might be nonsensical to someone else. Determine what your needs are and take some time to study, screen as well as select your ideal candidate.

4. Nannies Are Not Housekeepers or Maids

Generally, the job responsibility of a nanny entails any task directly related to caring for kids. What this means is that your nanny is not a housekeeper or maid, thus she would most likely not be pleased if you ask her to run errands that are not related to childcare, such as doing your laundry. If you expect your nanny to carry out other services other than basic childcare, you should ask her how she feels regarding any of the extra responsibilities. Also, you should be willing to pay for the additional responsibilities.

5. Relationships Are a Vital Success Ingredient

Effective home care requires compassion, respect and a caring attitude. The most essential success ingredient between employers and home caregivers is excellent relationship. If you and your nanny choose to treat each other as objects, then you will certainly not have a good working relationship. Ideally, a fantastic mutually beneficial relationship exists when the family takes excellent care of the nanny and the nanny takes excellent care of the household.

6. Nannies Have Their Own Personal Lives

It is very easy to start seeing your nanny as a member of your household, as it is natural to develop affection for the woman who looks after your home as well as takes care of your kids. Nevertheless, do not forget that nannies have their own personal lives as well as various errands to run. Thus, it is essential to accommodate here occasional needs for reduced working hours and vacations. What this means is that you should be a flexible employer, provided that your nanny does not take advantage of this.

7. Your Nanny Loves Your Kids  

Your nanny spends a large part of the day with your kids doing exciting things, like going on outings. You are the disciplinarian who returns home and restores order when the day comes to an end, managing the schedule as well as ensuring that everything is running smoothly. It is easy to start thinking that your child might grow to love his nanny more than he loves you. Your nanny may be aware of your feelings, and may actively work to maintain boundaries which will protect your relationship. You should not misconstrue this to mean that she does not love your kids.

8. Nannies Do Not Badmouth Their Employers

A professional nanny understands the value of her reputation for honesty and discretion. For this reason, she will not form a habit of badmouthing you or telling anyone willing to listen about your personal life.

9. Employers Should Support Their Nannies

Nannies who work within employer’s homes should be provided with the tools and support they need to do their jobs efficiently. This includes access to food, proper working tools and equipment, cleaning supplies, time off for breaks, and so forth.

Selecting a reliable nanny depends largely on instinct. Some nannies might play strictly by the rules when you’re there, and totally disregard your kid when you are away. Ultimately, you have to trust your gut and judgment to find a compatible and caring nanny who is loved by all.

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