Pet owners often consider cat training to be elusive. In fact, they are of the opinion that some cats cannot be trained at all. It is completely true that cats are one of the most independent pets that people can have; they are even more independent than dogs. However, this doesn’t mean that they are impossible to train. There are a myriad of pet owners who have discovered plenty of enjoyable ways to train their cats and interact with them. Training a cat to behave in the proper manner involves the use of different methods and considerable time and patience on the part of the pet owners. Nevertheless, they can expect positive results. Some of the easy steps are listed as follows:

1-    First and foremost, cat owners should understand the type of training that gets a response from their cats. Bad behavior in cats can often not be stopped through rewards of affection and food. Pain is also another no-no for training. Surprise proves to be the best tactic, provided that it’s not painful in any way.
2-    Sit down until you are at eye level with the cat. Better communication can be fostered between your cat and you when you bend to their level for administering discipline.
3-    When your cat misbehaves, use a water gun spray or a plant sprayer to spray water on her. Water is not harmful for the cat, but they are usually afraid of it. Yelling should be avoided when the cat is sprayed with water. This will show that it’s a punishment.
4-    A bean bag should be kept handy for surprising the cat when she misbehaves. Surprise the cat by throwing the bean bag near it, instead of at it. It is necessary to respond rapidly. If punishment for bad behavior is rendered later, the cat will not understand the purpose and may repeat the behavior.
5-    Aluminum foils should be placed in areas where the cat shouldn’t wander. Cats do not like the noise the foil makes when they walk on it and neither do they like its feeling under their feet.
6-    Put mothballs in houseplants to train cats not to dig in them or eat them. They don’t like its strong smell. Another alternative is to place mousetraps around the plant and hide them under paper. The trap will spring when the cat steps on the paper. This will not hurt it, but will manage to surprise, which is the end goal.
7-    If the cat misbehaves in any way such as biting, it is recommended that people should tap them gently on the nose. This can train the cat not to cause any harm because it is how cats tend to retaliate against one another. However, this will only be effective if the misbehavior is directed at the owner and not at someone else.

With these cat training tips and recommendations, cat owners will be able to train their cats into behaving properly around the house and become the loving pets they can be.