Latest Radiation Monitoring Equipment For Reliable Radiation Detection

People are often complaining about their jobs for being boring or being too pressuring, but there are jobs that can cause people to risk their lives if proper precautionary measures are not taken. These are jobs where the workers are exposed to radiation. Radiation can cause serious harms to humans and that’s why it is always recommended to stay away from it. However, there are industries that have to work with chemicals and equipment that produce radiation or contain it. People working with such equipment and chemicals have to be extra careful in how they touch things and what they wear for protection.

Of course, technology had to play a role to protect such people from such dangers too. Scientists and engineers have devised several ways for people in such jobs to either protect themselves from exposure to radiation or know how much radiation there is around them so they can take the necessary measures. There is radiation monitoring equipment that is used for this task. There are many different types of instruments and the way they provide protection varies from one tool to another. Here is some latest radiation monitoring equipment that can be used by any businesses that are exposes to radiation.


Dosimeter is the smallest type of instrument that can be used for protecting people from excessive exposure to radiation. This particular meter is easily portable and can be given to each worker who deals with stuff that has radiation around it. This particular device keeps recording the level of radiation around the person who is wearing it and gives an accurate reading of how much radiation the person is exposed to at any given time. It won’t give an exact measurement of how much radiation there is but it will light LEDs and ring and alarm when the wearer is going beyond bearable limits of radiation exposure.

Handheld Equipment

It is easy to use piece of radiation monitoring equipment that gives you the real-time reading of radiation around you. The good thing about these handheld devices, especially the ones from Ecotest Company, is that they can also be used with many different attachments. If there is a particular type of radiation that your handheld equipment cannot measure or detect, you can detect that by attaching the extra accessories that come with it. Such equipment is suitable for use not only in the nuclear power plant facilities but laboratories, healthcare facilities and military as well.

Wireless Multiple Device Monitors

An amazing piece of equipment that is a must for any facility with many workers exposed to radiation is the wireless device. This particular monitor does not actually read the radiation internally or externally but is meant to provide you one screen to monitor all the different devices you have in your facility. The data from various radiation monitoring devices that your workers are using is shown on this particular device in real time. This allows supervisors in the companies to keep an eye on their workers even if they miss the alarm or LED indicators on their devices.