Laser Surgery Fixes for Common Skin Problems

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If you are facing any sort of common skin problems, such as lesions, skin conditions or psoriasis you absolutely understand how uncomfortable it is to live with a scaly, red, itchy skin. Fortunately, most of these skin irritations can be effectively treated by laser surgery. It is important to consult with your doctor before opting for any kind of treatment, and therefore you must seek for the expert’s advice to know which particular surgery would be maximum effective for you. If you don’t have a thorough knowledge of what are the skin diseases that can be treated by laser surgery, here is a list:

  • Hemangiomas: These are one of the commonest types of vascular birthmark, and almost 10% of white people suffer from this skin problem. These might vary in appearance from raised, red colored patches to purple, deeper areas, and hemangiomas might be either deep or superficial. This type of skin problem usually appear in the very first month of life and then grow quite rapidly through the first year and most likely it should start to go away by the time when the child is 5 years old. Usually, 50% of hemangiomas become quite smaller, by the age of 5. Hemangiomas that cause problems to the other organs of the body, due to their problematic location or in case they are quite large and growing, surgery is advised. For most of the cases, the disease is not cured with one surgery and more than one is required.
  • Port-wine Stains: – These stains are capillary malformations that occur right from the time of birth. This birthmark is usually colored in red, pink or purple and about 0.3% of children are born with these port-wine stains. These stains can occur in any part of the body and might vary in size widely. With the growth of the child, the stains might become even darker. The laser therapy which is usually used for the treatment of these port-wine stains is pulsed dye laser. This type of laser therapy is produced through a high electric lamp that produces a high-energy, short flash of light, and the light is colored when it passes through the dye. Depending on the type of the skin spots that are being treated, the color of the dye gets changed. Usually, adults who have small amounts of stains are treated on an outpatient basis, with local anesthesia, whereas children or those who have large port-wine stains are treated with general anesthesia. And it is never guaranteed that complete cure would be achieved with one treatment and therefore multiple treatments might be required.
  • Wrinkles: One of the greatest advantages of laser surgery is that they prove to be extremely effective in treating wrinkles, and the procedure that is followed to remove wrinkles is usually known as laser peel. This is one of the most popular methods for wrinkle removal since this happens to be absolutely safe, without any side effects, when performed by an experienced and expert professional. There are very minimum chances of swelling, scarring or crusting with laser peel, while these can be regular occurrences with other modes of wrinkle removal. Before the actual surgery, doctors advise their patients to opt for certain facial medications that will help them prepare the skin for the surgery, and these medications are usually done during four to six weeks before the surgery. Once the laser peel is done, the doctor will guide you with the thorough details of proper skin care so that any kind of infection or crust formation can be prevented. There are a number of lasers that are used for laser peels.
  • Scars: Scar is a very common occurrence with most of us and it happens due to a number of reasons, including injury, surgery, infections and inflammation of tissues, and it must be remembered that the scar is a natural healing process of the body which helps replace the damaged or lost skin. Quite interestingly, scars might vary in composition widely – flat, sunken, lumpy, painful, colored or itchy. The ideal type of laser therapy for a particular scar is determined basically by the underlying cause of the scar. Lasers are effective in terms of removing the abnormal color of a scar, making a scar smooth or even flattening a scar.