Keep Your Home Clean With Bin Hire | Home Cleaning Tips

Where ever you stay cleanliness is a major factor to keep yourself and your family and surroundings healthy. Staying in a clean and tidy house means you are preventing germs and diseases from entering your house and harming you and your family members. All the bacteria and germs stay in dirty places so waste disposal is necessary and it has to be done properly.  So, with bin hire we can have a waste free house.

To Have a Waste Free House One Should Be…

 Garbage bag

To keep your house odor free, try to keep a garbage bag inside your bin. This will also help you to keep the bin clean and germ free. Even while disposing off your waste, all you need to do is dispose of the bag.

  • Separating the waste

Waste needs to be sorted out before disposing. Manually waste separating can be done in households. It basically means separating the waste based on its type. Wet waste and dry waste. You can have different bin hire for different types of waste. To have a better separation of waste without difficulties, these bins are color coded.

  • Recycling

The process of turning waste materials into new and useful materials is called recycling. This is done to reduce the waste from land and use raw materials again. It also uses less energy and is a great way of cleaning the surrounding and air. With bin hire we can keep the waste which can be recycled separately.

  • Create compost

Make a compost pit in your garden. All you need to do is collect all the organic kitchen wastes and use them as your compost in the pit.

Different Types of Bin Hire:

  • Bulk bins
  • Front lifts
  • Dumpster bins
  • Wheelie bins
  • Bin washing

Bins are provided for the following uses;

  • Domestic
  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Mini bins
  • Walk in loading bulk bins

What Can and Cannot Go in a Bin:

Identification of your waste is very important. We must know the different types of waste as the waste type affects the price of your bins. Here is explained different types of waste we encounter in our daily routine;

  • Green waste

The entire organic waste one can find in the kitchen like vegetable peels, grass, lawn clippings, biodegradable waste and things like that. Avoid inorganic garbage.

  • General waste

The general hard waste like plasters, carpets, timber and many more. But try to avoid dumping bricks, soil and muds etc.

  • Bricks and concrete waste

Only concrete and bricks can be dumped in this bin and at times tiles and marbles also.

  • Heavy waste

The waste from the construction sites and renovation sites. Even electronic gadgets and large appliances or plumbing fixtures like bathtubs, toilets, sinks etc. Furniture such as couch, mattress, and sofas are also considered as heavy waste.

  • Clean fill

This type of bin is only for disposing of soil, sand and dirt. These are mainly the construction waste. Clean fill means they are eco- friendly and does not contain any toxic substances in them. These wastes do not contaminate the environment.

  • Special cases

Car batteries, metal scrapes wires and tubes, steels etc.

  • How you are not supposed to load a bin

Try not to overload the bins as it becomes very difficult to transport them to the disposal grounds or the landfills. It is advisable to fill the bins as per the given quantity and size.

  • Things never to be placed in a bin

There are certain things one must never dispose in a bin such as asbestos, hazardous chemicals, empty paint tins or paints, gas bottles, car tyres and things like that.

Here is everything you need to know about a bin hire to keep your house clean and garbage free. Before hiring a one, do your research and look for the best bin provider in your area. If you are planning to get an extra bin, clarify all the points with the provider prior ahead.

Now you know everything about the bin hire to keep your house clean and garbage free without much hassle.