Jeffrey Hayes Explains: Should You Play Blackjack At Nightclubs?

Despite we are talking about one of the oldest card games around, blackjack is still a hugely popular casino game. Moreover, it is one of the most popular table games overall. The main reason lays in the fact that this game is very simple. Everyone can learn to play it in just a couple of minutes, as there aren’t many rules. On the other side, this game brings a pretty high level of excitement, so it’s no wonder that even the most experienced gamblers love to play this game. After all, keep in mind that, although there is a house edge (just like in any other casino game), this is probably the only casino game where a player can have a statistical advantage in certain conditions.

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All these things are reasons for blackjack’s huge popularity around the globe. Although there are some minor differences between North American and European rules, this game is played everywhere. Its simplicity is the reason why it is played not only in casinos but in bars and nightclubs as well. Blackjack tables are affordable, it is easy to find or to train a dealer.

Therefore, many nightclubs offer blackjack and a couple of more games that are typical for a casino. So, the question is should you play it at this place, or you should stick to casinos. From my perspective, there are several reasons why you should stick to casinos, like the ones in Las Vegas. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that you shouldn’t try at nightclubs. Here are some of the most common reasons why most people avoid to play in such places.

Of course, one of the things that come to mind is the fact that you will get better service in a casino, usually from more professional dealers. Also, there is one big reason that refers to the rules and has a big influence on your money income. In casinos, a common rule is that you get your money back if you tie the dealer. On the other side, that usually isn’t the case with nightclubs and bars, where you usually lose the money in these situations. Of course, this obviously provides a much bigger house edge.

On the other side, the thing more experienced players usually like is that nightclubs mostly offer various kinds of side games. There are so many types of side games around, but nightclubs and bars usually stick to most common ones, such as Insurance, Perfect Pairs, 21+3, Over/Under, Super Sevens, Lucky Ladies etc. The thing with side games is that the house edge is even bigger but on the other side, odds are pretty attractive. Experienced players love them, while I wouldn’t recommend these games to beginners.

Of course, one of the reasons why you should think before you decide to play at a nightclub is the fact that there is a lot of alcohol at these places. If you can’t control yourself, there’s a big chance that someone will try to cheat you, while situations with other drunk players can easily become unpleasant. Of course, the same things are happening in casinos, but definitely not so frequently.