If you go back a decade in time, you won’t see much of the software and IT involvement in the extraction of oil and gas. However, everything has changed today and the number of softwares used by oil and gas companies is only increasing with time. It is because the companies have realized the importance of IT for increasing their efficiencies.

It’s true that modern softwares have helped oil and gas industry in increasing their levels of oil and gas extraction and manage their resources better than ever before. The best example of such softwares is a web based application that lets the company owners have a detailed look at their oilfields and manage things in a better way. Companies fighting for extracting more oil yesterday are competing vehemently with each other to acquire the Digital Oilfield.

The Digital Oilfield is a web based platform that gives managers and company owners a detailed overview of their oilfields. The data is updated in real time and all the information from the oilfield is loaded into the system including information on wellheads, pipelines and other aspects. One such software that provides all this information to the oil and gas company owners is SAP. Another software supporting the oil and gas companies in its processes and even taking hold on the back office processes is CGI. A CGI map is a great tool for oil and gas companies to gather information on the land and geography of the area where the company is busy in its project.

In short, there are now many softwares that let the oil and gas company owners track the most important processes and aspects of their companies so they could eventually increase their extraction levels, reduce their costs on machinery and other inefficient material etc. At the end of the day, the increased oil and gas extraction plus reduced costs for oil and gas companies will result in a better lifestyle and reduced prices for them.