Is Technology Negatively Effecting Education Sector?

With each passing day technology is becoming a more integral part of our lives, as today from businesses to education everything involves latest machinery and tools. The major reason behind this boom is that technology has enabled human beings to do their tasks in quick time. In fact, it is because of this very reason, educational institutions, teachers and students all are embracing it openheartedly. However, everything has some positives and negatives and technology is no different. Therefore, we often get to hear that technology is causing a bad effect on the education sector, particularly on students. The people who criticise technology say that it has enabled a C grade student to easily become a top performer of his or her class. Thanks to Google search and numerous apps, which resolves their math problems in few seconds or provide them ready made class assignments.

Due to this reason these critics are of the opinion that today a student does not have to be a genius to secure a grades in exams. That’s not all, these bashers also believe that mobile devices like smartphones, tablets and notebooks have also become a mean of distraction for students instead of being helpful devices. According to them, students are using these mobile devices mostly for gaming, texting, surfing on internet and for communicating purpose rather than for gaining knowledge. As a result, many students are found wasting their valuable time on these major means of distraction. In contrast to these views, people who support technology say that it’s not the fault of technology that students are wasting their time or achieving a grades without making much effort by using it.

The supporters of technology believe that every person has a choice when it comes to using technology, but it completely depends on them whether he or she can use it for their own good or bad. For instance, many parents have acknowledged that technology has not only enhanced learning, but it has also made education more fun for their children. In fact, many parents have observed that their children like to go to school because they love using Smart Board, tablets or PCs in their classrooms. This was just a petit example when it comes describing the merits of technology. Given that today technology has made such things possible, which are were not achievable at one time. For instance, today technology has removed all the geographical barriers for people who want to earn an international certification or degree without leaving their native country or exhausting their entire savings. Thanks to massive open online courses (MOOCs).

Ninthd (9th D), a Pakistan based private initiative is one fine model in this regard, as it has enabled the people in the country to gain international standard of education at unbeatable price. Provided that ninthd is offering international certifications in blended model, which enables students to receive lectures over internet at any time and from anywhere, whereas, for group activities students gather at small satellite campuses that are set up by Ninthd throughout Pakistan. These instances clearly proves that technology has not only long lasting, but very positive impact on education sector.