iPad mini from Apple is nearly set to be introduced next week in an event organized in San Jose on coming Tuesday, and now the news are that it will be shipped almost 10 days after that introduction. 

November 2 may be the shipping date that has been heard from a source close to the supply chain of Apple, echoing an advance report through Geeky Gadgets that it’ll be the day when Apple iPad mini will be out for sale.

For iPhone 5, the September 21st retail supply day was telegraphed in advance because of leaked information through carrier associates, as well as retailers are already a resource of Apple-related merchandise leaks previously.

The given date’s also the most rational choice, considering Apple’s latest product release and announcement timelines. For iPhone 5, the company made an announcement on September 12th, with pre-orders starting on September 14th and the devices hitting the stores by September 21st. The Pre-orders for latest iPad began immediately after the announcement was made, and the iPad in fact sent out only 9 days later, but, so it is not yet seen whether the pre-order date for new iPad mini is going to be the same as is for the announcement, or someday following.

Apple also perhaps wishes to take full benefit from the season of holiday shopping, so pushing for obtainability following diligently on the heels of announcement is of course a nice bet. Usually, such plans enjoy substantial success during such holiday season. During the holiday quarter last year, Apple sold around 15.50 million iPads, up from almost 7.35 million in 2011 during the same period. So it can be dignified for record-shattering sales this holiday season, if iPad mini hits a chord with the users in terms of design and price.