The interior glass doors can be used as pocket doors, once you have made up your mind to use them for this purpose, choose the standard size that will make such use a great idea. There are completely transparent doors suitable for this purpose. There are also those that are opaque which also serve the same purpose. The next thing that you must do after you have chosen the one to use as the pocket door is to order a door frame kit. It is vital to know how the door kit work. More importantly you have to choose the right door kit. There are numerous pictures of various kits on different sites. The diagrams come with installation instructions. Consequently you must make a right choice before you make an order of the door to use as a pocket door.
Similarly the doors can be used as pantry doors. They add some touch to a pantry area. The good thing is that we supply specialist pantry doors as well as the unique opaque doors. What you need to put in to consideration is that the closeness of the pantry contents to the door. It should be known that if the objects are close to any glass door, depending on the transparency of the glass the more clearly the objects will be seen. With this in mind you need to supply us with more information regarding your pantry for us to decide the door that will serve you well.
Our glass doors can be used for all purposes. They can be used in offices, bedrooms, bathrooms,  kitchen and living rooms .They can also be well used as double doors, French doors, sliding doors as well as pivoting doors. It is vital to make up your mind on the kind of application you want to put the door to. After that you need to review the transparency and the opacity you want. Thereafter you will be ready to choose the style door that will serve you right. Very transparent doors as well as those whose opacity level varies are all available.
Jamb kits are also available for single and double doors. If you are interested in the jamb kits, you can place the orders alongside the order of the door of your choice. The jamb kit will be shipped unassembled. The assembling shall be done on your premises. Also available are the hinges that are used on the doors. There is the bright brass, brushed chrome, bronze and satin nickel. However it is not mandatory that you order the door and the jamb kit. If you already have an existing jamb kit, you can just order for the door and it shall be fixed in the existing door opening.
The good thing about the interior glass doors is that they are produced with stiles and rails that are engineered. These stiles and rails are made from engineered core and has veneer applied on them. This gives the door greater stability, better veneer quality and is environmentally friendly because they utilize the raw materials well. Therefore, the perfect way to give your house a beautiful and a dazzling look is to place your order now.