Mikhall Golub

There are many good reasons why a family might decide to live in a flat rather than a house. Cost is one of them, as you would expect. Perhaps they want to live close to the city centre where the property prices are high, or maybe they like the extra security that a flat affords. Modern blocks often have entry systems so that only those with the authority to gain access can do so. Of course, that are not infallible, but every little helps as they say.

It may take yo a long time to find the right place for you and your kin. You will probably trawl the estate agents looking for the best deals on flats in Whitefield before you stumble upon the right place. People often become disheartened when they are on the hunt for property, and then the right place presents itself.

Let’s assume that the place is in need of interior decoration, here are some tips to help to turn the flat into a modern apartment.

Unite The Rooms

The flat may be small, so you must work your magic in a different way than you would in a house. I suggest you look upon the whole place as one room and decorate it accordingly. If you unite the rooms in this way, it helps to make the place seem more spacious than it is.


The colour of the walls is vital to the success of your project. If you paint them a dark shade, they will make the flat feel smaller and oppressive. Choose a neutral shade such as light grey or beige to open the place up and make it feel airy. The plain background will also serve as a canvas to display your artwork and intriguing shadows in the evenings.


The best flooring solution for a setting such as this is laminate. I know; it sounds cheap and nasty, but it isn’t. Thanks to superior design and modern manufacturing techniques it is almost indistinguishable from real wood. You must remove all of the skirting boards before you install it, and replace them with new afterwards. Start in the hallway and work outwards into all of the rooms. Install the laminate seamlessly with no thresholds in the doorways. That is a cool trick that works to make the place feel less enclosed.

Lighting Techniques

It is a mistake to fit a chandelier with several lights in the middle of the ceiling. Look for more ‘delicate’ fittings instead. There are some incredible track lighting systems or spotlights that make use of small LED bulbs. They are ideal for this situation.


The most important factor to consider with furniture is the scale. Though you might drool over a huge reclining chair, you may not have space for one. Measure the room and buy pieces of the appropriate size. My other tip is not to buy more than you need. Do you need seating for six or seven guests? When was the last time they called around?

I hope you find my tips and ideas useful. I live in an apartment, and they work well in my experience. You don’t have to use all of the ideas; take what you need and discard the rest. You will soon be the owner of a chic home that is the envy of your friends.