There have been several inventions presenting the most powerful yet handy devices. Among these the most important ones are related to the power chips which store and carry all the information related with operating and application of any device. Recently Intel has come up with the low power atom chips and these chips are designed in such a way that these will be going to serve as the micro servers for systems. The launch of these low power micro chips by Intel is expected in the mid of this year. This will be a big revolutionary breakthrough in the field of electronics and technology. This will provide the major paradigm shift to the field of telecommunication. The basic aim of these chips is that these are meant to be inserted in the data centers of many devices.

Further details of this low power micro serve chip system will be provided and the interested individuals will be enlightened by the Intel officials at the Intel Developer Forum which is going to be held this week in Beijing. Other than speaking about the benefits and applications of these micro server atom chips to be inserted in the telecommunication devices, the officials also vow to unveil further surprising details about Avoton which is the Atom processor depicting the next generation.

The intention and highlight of Avoton was even given by the executives during last year when the first generation of the micro server chips was launched under the caption of Centerton. That was the first version and presentation of chip to be inserted on the system. The chip was presented with the basic intention of producing and facilitating the low power space on server. This could save extra space for memory and functioning of the device. The manufacturing of Avoton is done on the Intel’s manufacturing process ranging to the size of about 22 nanometers. Further the officials and engineers are on their way of making and presenting the micro architecture of the chip which is designed on the silver mount.

The new micro server chip of Avoton is announced to be released in the second half of this year. Presently Avoton is among the major products of Intel and this is the reason for which it is in the limelight as well. There are many destinations of this micro server chip where it will be mounted, inserted and used. Basically it is being developed to be used in the smart phones, tablets and other such systems.