This is the age of information technology and we do not spend a day without using computer whether it is an ATM machine, an online transaction or recording or transaction in a business. Therefore, a lot of information is stored daily on our computer and we do not even know how much data is actually stored on our computer. No one wants to leave their data unsafe and hence backup software is used to make backup of the database currently in use. Database is of equal importance to a home user or a large business organization. No one wants to start from scratch in case of data loss therefore everyone tends to make backup of their important data. Making backup is not as simple as copying all the files and folders to some other storage device because it would be an awkward and slow process so we use backup software for this purpose.

It is convenient and proficient to use backup software for making backup of database. It allows you to use features that are not available while making backup manually. For example if you are making manual backups then you will have to filter your data to save some space and filtering would take time while you could save space with software by using the compressing option. Compressing reduces the size of drive space used by the files and allows you to make backup of all the files in the same drive space.

For organizations or people who want some privacy on their backup, backup software offers option of encryption by which you can make your backup safer than ever because only you will have the authority to access and modify the database. This helps in protecting your database from data theft which is common these days. This increases the security and reliability of your database.  

Businesses that modify or change their databases on daily basis can use the incremental backup option if they use  backup software. The purpose of incremental backup tool is to increase the speed of backup process as it copies those files that have been modified or edited since the last backup. You can also schedule your software to make backup automatically on regular basis and keep a check on your latest backup. File locking is another useful feature given by a few softwares that allows you to lock files when not needed in order to keep them safe from unauthorized access.