Windows server is the name given to a group of operating systems for server released by Microsoft. This group includes windows 2000 server, windows server 2003, windows server 2008 and recently released windows server 8. These operating systems are specially made and released to run on servers. Businesses that are run online usually have large databases that cannot be handled and maintained by any person. For this purpose, businesses use database management softwares (DBMS) to create, maintain and backup windows server. Windows server 2003 is operating systems for small and mid-sized servers. A special x-64 version is also available besides x-86 version for home or non-professional users. Compatibility of this operating system is quite good as it supports a large number of softwares and applications.

Windows server 2003 supports up to 64 BG of RAM through PAE boot string for servers. It supports at most 8 processors and is capable of handling up to 1 TB of RAM.  Softwares are available by which we can backup windows server in order to recover data later in case of data loss. DFS file system in windows server 2003 allows us to merge or share different networks to create a strong all in one virtual server. We can use storage area networking for our users to enable them to access our database anytime on the internet. Windows small business server is one of the softwares that contains windows server and is capable of providing various features and technologies for a small business.

Softwares that are used to backup windows server have the feature of file sharing that allows you to create an online domain for you users. Security is also an issue for people who want to keep their databases protected from unauthorized access. Backup windows server softwares allow you to use file encrypting option which locks your database and only you or the people authorized by you can access the database of your server. Backupwindows server softwares offer different utilities that allow you to modify or edit your server easily. Using such softwares, you can also virtualize your server by sharing virtual memory with your physical server. For the safety and maintenance of you server, keep your database safe from unauthorized access and install a professional antivirus and keep updating it from the internet to make it able to deal with the latest viruses, worms and Trojans etc. in order to avoid your database from getting hacked.