The architectural glass is basically used in constructing a glass building. These days, glass buildings are in fashion and they give a unique and stylish appeal to the look of the overall place. Basically, these architectural glasses are translucent glazing substance, which serves as main object of windows or walls. They are generally enclosed in an aluminum or other steel frames. These are not the typical glasses, which could be broken with a single stroke but they are tough and most of them are unbreakable; unless they are hit with strong solid objects. These strong glasses are used lavishly in the large buildings exteriors or interiors and their basic forms include durable, laminated or beveled glasses.

The practice of using glasses in architect is not a new thing but has been started during the Roman period. Their churches or monarchies with beautiful glass work inside and outside are the evidence of their skills. Due to a substantial increase in the usage of glass day by day, going deep into architect glass details is becoming more and more important and therefore, it is imperative to understand different types of glasses available for architectural purposes:

1. Crown or Cast Glass – These are the oldest form of glasses and have been used in the old Roman buildings or churches. They were not usually very tough and were only used for painting purposes.
2. Polished Plate Glasses – These are made by polishing the surface of glass to make mirrors for theme parks. Different patterns or pictures can be made on them and they are usually rough.
3. Float Glasses – These were made by a simple floating process and are widely used in old fashioned windows or doors. They are not that tough and are easily broken.
4. Toughened or Tempered Glasses – They are very tough and hard to break and therefore, are used in the places, where a lot of protection is needed. For example, Outdoors of a shop, telephone booth, bus-stands, front doors. They are quite heavy and stable and that’s why, are also used in frameless doors.
5. Double glazed glasses – These are made of two layers of glazing and are used in almost every window of a house or office due to its noise resisting nature.

All these and other architectural glasses are being used for various construction purposes, based upon their effectiveness. Usually, governments have certain laws about the usage of only particular glasses in some building. For example, nowadays every huge building has glasses, which has certain power to repress the earthquake or other natural hazards. The architect or the contractors have to abide by different rules and regulations proposed by the government regulatory authorities. They have given various codes to different types of glasses and it is necessary to get an approval before starting the construction. That is why; having a deep knowledge of glasses is very important for every architect as they are an integral part of any building; whether small or big.