The process of backup recovery means to make a duplicate copy of database of the user that could be recovered later in case of data loss. This involves two steps; making backup and recovering it. Software that is capable to do both the jobs for you is called backup recovery software. Backup can be made on removable devices such as flash drives, hard disks and CDs etc. The process of making backup has become easier with the arrival of online backup recovery softwares which allow you to make backup of your database on an internet server provided by the website. For making an online backup, you must have high speed internet available all the time in order the copy the latest files and folders to your online database. You can use remote backup service for making backup which allows you to share your data with your friends or family living far away from your location. You can request for encryption key to make your data secure and give it to your family and friends to access the data online from anywhere in the world.

Backup can also be made offline on hard disks, floppy drives and optical storage devices such as CDs, DVDs and BLU-rays. Major drawback of making data on optical drives is that you cannot change or modify the data because once the data is written; it will stay like it is forever. One can use partial option in backup recovery softwares to copy only those files that have been changed or modified since the last location. This saves the time and hard disk space occupied by the backup. In backup recovery softwares, there is a feature of File system dump using which you can create a copy of the whole system. This is related to image copying in which an image of the database is created which is modified with the changes in the original database.

Making backup using backup recovery softwares gives you many advantages over windows built in backup feature. You can use file compression option to reduce the size of your backup and in this way you do not have to filter your data that needs to be copied. Such softwares improve data security because only you have the access to your data and only you can change, edit or modify it. Surely, using softwares instead of windows built in feature enables you to make a secure and reliable backup for later use. 

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