Immune System-Boosting Foods for Winter

Shorter days and colder temperatures are a significant part of winter. Unfortunately, so is getting sick. In order to limit exposure to any form of illnesses, some individuals choose to take a multi-vitamin; some choose to get a flu shot while others and others opt to wash their hands frequently. However, there are a few additions that people can make to their diet, which are considered extremely helpful immune system-boosting foods for individuals to prevent them for getting sick. Listed below are some of the foods that can prove to be very effective:

1-    Be Berry Good

While berries are immensely popular in the summer season, they can also have a myriad of health benefits in the colder weather as well. They are naturally high in Vitamin C and can be very beneficial. It is best to add berries to smoothies, muffin, pancakes, yogurt and even your favorite variety in oatmeal.

2-    Don’t Forget the Dairy

Another good way to give your immune system a boost is to make yogurt a part of your daily meals. Yogurt is defined as healthy bacteria that can provide protection to the digestive tract against any disease-causing germs and it is also a good source of zinc, protein and Vitamin A. It can be used as a fruit dip in a smoothie and also makes for a great afternoon snack.

3-    Add Some Sweetness

A bit of honey can also boost your immune system and it has been used as an antibiotic for centuries. Bacterial growth can be prevented with honey. All people have to do is add honey to hot tea or it can be added to plain yogurt as well.

4-    Make Room for Mushrooms

Good health can be maintained by adding mushrooms to your diet such as with steak, stir-fry or even in a salad. They remain to be an underutilized immune-boosting food even though they are a good source of Vitamin D. As a matter of fact, it was also substantiated through research that immune responses were improved in cancer patients undergoing radiation and chemotherapy with the consumption of mushrooms.

5-    Get Spicy

It is shown by studies that inflammation can be reduced, digestive problems can be treated and even infections can be combatted with turmeric. It is commonly used in Asian curry dishes and it can be added to salad dressings or even an egg salad.

6-    Potato

Rather than going for regular potatoes, people can boost their health with the more popular option of sweet potatoes. They are high in Vitamin A and C both and it has the ability of knocking out viruses and bacteria. It is very easy to incorporate these potatoes in your meal plan.

7-    A Dash of Ginger

The battle against flu and cold can be fought with the immune cells that are found in ginger. There are several ways of incorporating ginger in your meal such as hot tea, ginger lemonade and even minced ginger with sautéed vegetables.

With these foods, you can strengthen your immune system and protect yourself from sickness.