Imaginative Anniversary Gift Ideas for Your Husband

With the most special of days just around the corner, you want to make sure that you are able to show your man exactly how he means to you.  Anniversaries are moments of celebration and give you an opportunity to show the special man in your life that you appreciate him and all he brings to your life.

Finding gifts for men doesn’t have to be an impossible task. Below are listed some gift ideas that is sure to bring a smile to his face.


The wildly successful and wildly viral Laybag chair will allow him to lounge just about anywhere.  What is essentially a large sack made of super-durable parachute material, the Laybag can be filled with air with but a couple of swings of your arms, then sealed and ready to go.  When deflated and folded it is no bigger than a tote bag.  Take it anywhere from the backyard to the backcountry.  It is waterproof and can be used as pool lounger as well.  Get the larger version, which can fit two, so you can both enjoy the Laybag.

Bulleit Barrel Strength Bourbon

Why bourbon?  Because real men drink bourbon, and Bulleit produces some of the best on the planet.  The Barrel Strength version has been aged for 10 years and is bottled straight from the barrel.  No filters, no additives, no mixing.  Just straight up manly goodness.  The classic look that Bulleit brings to the marketplace means that their drinks look just as good on the collector’s shelf as they do in the glass.

Adventure Stainless Steel Flask

If your man is a paragon of classic strength, then you must get him a flask that matches.  Stanley has been crafting solid and functional products since 1913.  In an age where a companies are lucky if they survive 3 years in the marketplace and are considered a “time tested” brand if they last more than 10, Stanley’s more than 100-year existence practically elevates it to the legendary levels.  The flask itself, is like most of Stanley’s products, a no-frills affair.  It holds liquids and it does so flawlessly.  The 18/18 stainless steel it is constructed of will never rust and the entire product is BPA-free.  It is sized perfectly to be gripped comfortably by a single hand and when not being used to hold Bulleit Barrel Strength Bourbon, it can be used to hold other liquids like whiskey or in a pinch, water.

Timberland Mono Grey 6-inch Boots

High functionality meets rugged style with Timberland’s Mono Grey 6-inch boots.  The logo and classic styling gives your man the option to wear his “Tim’s” street cred when he opts to wear it in the streets.  But, Timberland has always been known to blend form, function and durability that so very few can match.  These boots are no different, the grey on grey colors and solid construction of the boots means that he can wear them off-road, kick down doors or take on zombies while still looking good.

Raw Steel Higonokami Pocket Knife

Every man needs a pocket knife.  It’s just a fact of life.  So why not get him one that was made with centuries of experience and craftsmanship.  The Higonoami pocket knife is hand-forged in Japan by the descendants of samurai sword and knife makers.  The raw steel version gives the blade and the grip a darker look.  The understated profile of the knife just skyrockets its coolness factor.  Sharp, sleek and dark, the knife mimics what a lot of men love about suits.  Each blade is stamped with the maker’s mark on it.  Each one is unique.  Each one is authentic.  Just like your man.

Crafted Meat: The New Meat Culture: Craft and Recipes

Is there anything sexier than a man that cooks?  Didn’t think so.  Give him the tools and information he needs to transfer meat and heat into amazing foods that you can enjoy together.  Crafted Meat: The New Meat Culture: Craft and Recipes will breakdown the whole cooking process from buying quality ingredients, to butchering, preparation, cooking and even serving.  If you buy this for him, then get ready for some amazing meals ahead.  With beautiful picture references and easy-to-follow instructions this will unleash his at-home-chef.