How to Treat Sciatica At Home

Over the years, sciatica has been generalized as nerve pain that originates around the buttocks or low back and leads to referring pain down the leg. When the surrounding muscles, primarily the piriformis pinch or irritate the sciatica nerve, it leads to considerable pain. Spinal disorders such as spinal compression are also responsible for other sciatica issues because they irritate the sciatica nerve. The pain can be eased by performing some treatments at home. For people who would like to know how to treat Sciatica, these treatments are:

Trigger Point Therapy

The tender spots on the buttocks are assuaged and activated by trigger point therapy, which releases the tight muscles surrounding the sciatica nerve. A wall and tennis ball is needed for performing this therapy. The ball should be placed between the tender spots or the trigger points and the wall and then get a penetrating pressure massage by shifting the body gently up-and-down and side-to-side. The trigger spots are different for every individual, but the important part is to find the spot that’s most painful, whether the pain is closer to the tailbone or hip. The body can be leaned into the ball for increasing the tennis ball pressure. Minimal body weight should be placed on the ball for decreasing the pressure.

Stretching and Yoga Benefits


The muscles around the sciatic nerve can be loosened and relaxed by lengthening and stretching the muscles of the buttocks. Even if a spinal disorder is behind the sciatica and it isn’t related to the tight muscles, doing yoga and performing stretches will still help the hips and the low back. From the lower back to the hamstrings, the muscles can be stretched by yoga poses such as swan, child pose or even down-face dog. It is also recommended that individuals suffering from this pain take a yoga class to learn more about correct alignment from the instructor. When there is a sciatic attack, it is advised that people should wait before stretching as the pain can be aggravated because of movement.

Heat and Ice

Tension can be relieved with the use of an ice pad or heating pad. However, the inflammation might be increased for some people with heating pads while for some muscle cramping occurs because of cold packs. Thus, although minor relief is provided by this method, the muscle will be relaxed with the reduction pain, allowing individuals to go about their daily activities.

Analgesic Balm

Inflammation is decreased and the muscle is relaxed by analgesic balms. Like heat and ice packs, this relief is also temporary, but any relief is welcome when people experience pain.

Lifestyle Changes

People should learn why sciatica flare ups occur in the first place and then make lifestyle changes for reducing them. This involves getting rid of movements and activities that may prove to be aggravating. People should be careful about their back and should not make any such movements that put the body into unnatural positions. If sciatica occurs because of sitting too long, one should walk around every half-hour to prevent it.

In this way, it is possible to combat the problem of sciatica in the long run.