Dog being a very loyal animal and pet learns very fast from its environment. This is why; dogs have been a source of entertainment for kids and social security for the elders. This multipurpose pet has many more qualities in it but there is a huge difference between being an average pet and being an extra ordinary pet. People keep dogs as a family member at home. There are several stories where dogs have saved lives of many people. A normal person thinks how can dogs save a life? Well, this is all about the training of the pet. The pet of the any breed is just an ordinary pet, whereas, after training the same pet helps the police searching for clues at an incident. From here, we can know the importance of training while having a pet at home.

There are many forms of training as per the breed and the uses, which one expects out of the pet. For example the dogs which the military have train the dogs completely differently and the people having pets at home train them completely differently. The training depends on the usage which they expect out of the animal. But in both cases reward system is a common practice being carried out on the part of the dog trainer. The pet is given a reward for obeying the instructions of the master.

In this way, the dog is motivated and bound to follow the instructions which develops a behavior in the nature of the dog. After a certain period of dog training, the dog will automatically respond in the same way without expecting a reward out of it. There are several other ways in which dogs can be trained. Dogs are trained not just for certain reasons but pets at home are trained to sit and stand as per the command of the master. The secret behind is to make the dog practice it for a few days. Give a signal to the dog or call out “sit” to make the dog sit by pushing it downwards and then call out “stand” and help the dog stand up. Keep doing it for a few days and then, after a period of time, do not help the dog with your hands just call out “sit” and give a signal with the stick. In this way, the dog will get used to it and learn to obey the orders of the master.