How to Save $200 Monthly?

The following tips have been written by Ana Miller, a financial blogger and an advisor from Vision Finance, a company specialized in bridging finance, property development finance and property investment finance.

Saving money sounds like a really difficult task, doesn’t it? How can you save money when you have so many bills to pay and the mortgage is killing you and the food is getting more and more expensive and so on. The truth is that the market will keep growing and things will go up, including the prices. This means that you will always have the same problems. The secret to saving money is cutting on expenses and even though all of them seem important to you, we guarantee you they’re not. Let’s see what you can cut on order to save $200 monthly.

1. Cook at home – you may have heard that already, but cooking your meals at home will save a lot and I mean A LOT of money. Most of those $200 will be taken from here. We know that you want to treat yourself by eating out, but your finances will suffer seriously. Go shopping for ingredients and prepare your own meals. Use online recipes or cooking books to get some guidance and get down to business. It’s easier than it seems. Also, try to cook from scratch without processed ingredients.

2. Hunt for the cheap stores – the chain supermarkets are always more expensive. There is no doubt that they are extremely handy since they offer you everything you need, but buying from local grocery stores is much cheaper. Not to mention that their products might also be healthier. Give up on purchasing famous products, because you’re only paying the brand and go for generic products. Also, make use of coupons every time you go shopping.

3. Give up on the unhealthy habits – the pocessed foods, cookies, chips, snacks and sodas are all unhealthy and they cost a lot of money. Stick to the real foods and your wealth and health will be thankful. When it comes to vices, you should also try to keep them under control. For example, you can make a will exercise and give up on beer and smoking for one month and see how much you can save, we guarantee you that you will want to make the same exercise over and over again.

4. Drive less – utilize the public transportation or the bike and save money on gas and insurance. Where you can, you may walk. This will also help you stay healthy. Take the car only when it’s absolutely necessary or when you have a longer journey ahead of you. Don’t just take the car till the corner of the street. It’s useless.

5. Cut cable – there are so many online streaming services right now that still using cable seems like a no brainer. The cable providers will offer you hundreds of channels that you don’t need and don’t watch and will charge a fortune for them. Just stick to what you actually watch and pay only for those channels and services.

6. Start becoming energy efficient – when you leave a room where there is no one else, remember to turn off the lights. Also, unplug your apparel when leaving home because they’re energy consumers even if they’re turned off. Stop wasting energy by insulating the home and fixing the leaks and don’t let the water run if you don’t use it. It’s that simple!