How to Renovate Your Bathroom to Make it More Comfy

Like other areas of a dwelling, a bathroom is an important room which can be spruced up with several ways. You can get its tiles torn out to bring an absolute new look in your bathroom or find other ideas that add beauty to this part of your house. If you are conscious about the appearance of your bathroom, why not discover some tips on how to renovate your bathroom and make it look more comfy and sophisticated. So let’s begin here!

  • De-cluttering your bathroom can be very first step. Don’t get lots of decorations if you have a small bathroom as the combination of paint color, an attractive bathroom mirror, and a picture is enough to turn your boring and dull-looking bathroom into a purposeful and relaxing room.  Get rid of old toiletries such as used bottles of shampoos and soaps. Get the products you actually need and organize them in a pretty basket or drawers that are easy to get to. If you hang up your towels and put your clothes in the hamper, you actually make your bathroom look more spacious.
  • Employ natural light to make your bathroom more peaceful and relaxing. Use light colored blinds or curtains to get protected screen and some light in your bathroom. If you don’t like light colors, you can install dark curtains or blinds covering the bottom half of the window as an alternative.
  • Replace your outdated, boring yellow ceiling light with a more modern one. Consider choosing a light cover with white light.  You can use a small chandelier for adding elegance to your bathroom that doesn’t requires too much space.  A track light can also be a pick to get the look of a big bathroom space.
  • Choose paint colors that aren’t too loud and give the appearance of a big space. If you like bold colors, then neutral color with a more colorful trim or border can be a good choice. Besides, painting one wall in a bold color and rest three in neutral or using wallpaper in one area and neutral paint in rest can be some great ideas to redecorate the room.
  • Adding some functional shelving can be ideal when you have a limited floor space in your bathroom. Set up some sturdy shelves where you can store towels, extra shampoos and soaps or ever small decorations. Make sure they are placed above your head level so that you don’t bump your forehead every time you step out of the shower. Free corners can also be chosen to maximize space by installing corner shelves on them. If you have a smaller bathroom, some hooks can be an option. Make sure you select a style that goes with the decor of the bathroom. You can use them to hang towels, or other various bathroom equipments.
  • Install an appealing wire shower caddy over the shower head where you can put your shampoo and conditioners. A waterproof shelve inside the shower can be another idea to store shower stuff.
  • Replacing large bathroom accessories with small ones is another way to give an elegant look to your boring and dull bathroom. Get a small washbasin fixture to replace with your large one. If you aren’t a budget conscious, consider installing a small bath-tub or converting bathtub into a shower area.