How To Promote Your Business Through LinkedIn

LinkedIn is one of the top networking websites where all kinds of business professionals migrate hoping to make new connections and create new business opportunities. However, having a LinkedIn profile and using it effectively are two different sides of a coin. Most business owners use this website to check how many connections they have made so far believing bigger number will convert more sales or leads. Unfortunately, this is not the case for most individuals, and once they don’t find desirable results, they start losing their interest and enthusiasm for using the LinkedIn to help their business.

Here are some tips to help promote your business through LinkedIn:

Complete LinkedIn Profile

Guy Galboiz suggests, before doing anything to promote your business through LinkedIn, it is critical to make sure that your LinkedIn profile is properly complete. An incomplete profile is equivalent of an incomplete job application which usually ends up being abandoned. In order to make people to take your business seriously, it is essential to make your LinkedIn profile as an online resume that clearly demonstrates everything about you such as your skills and achievements. Make your profile in the way that visitors find you a reliable source for whatever product or service you’re offering them before they investigate your business for more detail.

Add Pictures, Links and Videos

LinkedIn is getting better and better by every passing day allowing you to add images, videos and links to your profile. Most visitors tend to get bored with endless text, and instead prefer watching videos or read messages through pictures. Include your business-relevant images and portfolio of your work to your profile to spice it up.  Also, make sure whatever you add is genuine, relevant and clearly visible. Add videos; they are important. Dennis Koutoudis, a LinkedIn Expert, writes while talking about LinkedIn Profile, “Adding a high-quality video to your profile can be the most powerful aspect of your LinkedIn Profile. ”

Include a Call to Action Option

Invite your visitors to view your business website, join you on your other social media page or contact you for further details. A ‘call to action’ option can create more of an impulse response from those who otherwise may give your profile a look but don’t react with any sense of urgency.

Update Your Status Regularly

The next important step after making connections with people is to stay updated in front of your audience to help them recognize your product. Also, post helpful information about your business such as articles, tips, videos, resources and so on.

Target Your Approach

According to Guy Galboiz, making connection with a number of users who have no interest in your company won’t help generate buzz for your business. So, make connection with people who you think could benefit from your services or brand. Also, add people of similar industry to stay updated with new trend in your line of profession.  Furthermore, connect with local people if you want to only serve customers in the same area as you.


Add important and relevant keywords to your LinkedIn profile that visitors may use when looking for the same type of business as yours. A well-optimized profile will appear at the top of common LinkedIn searches driving more traffic to your page.


LinkedIn is a very strong promotion tool that can be a great source of free marketing a brand if used in the right way. Since, getting desirable results takes some time and commitment, you should not expect too much quickly. Therefore, it is recommended to get a better understanding of how LinkedIn works in order to help your business expose to a larger audience.