How to Pick the Right Eid Mehndi Design for You

Eid is just around the corner and it is time to get ready to look beautiful and lively. Markets are full of people with stalls selling all types of jewelry items and ornaments. Some people have already done their shopping because they know the prices will rise as Eid draws nearer. Being a woman, I am more excited than any man in the world for Eid day. It is because this is the day when I think I can adorn myself with everything that makes me look like the most beautiful girl on earth.

Of course, we girls have a great luxury when it comes to wearable items. We have more jewelry items than men do and the types of clothes and dresses we have are like a journey in infinity. One of the things that I love about Eid is that I get to apply mehndi. I am always looking for unique designs but it hurts me to say that there are many girls out there who don’t know how to make their Eid mehndi designs look beautiful. What you have to keep in mind is that your mehndi type and design have to compliment your hands. Here are some mehndi design tips to make your hands look beautiful this Eid.

Design by The Size of Hand

One of the most important things to look at when getting a mehndi design on your hand is to know your hand size. Some designs have big floral designs and patterns. They might look cool in a book but when you apply them on your hands you don’t have enough space available to make the design look as it should. What happens is that you end up making some part of the flower on top of your hand and some of it goes behind the hand ruining the design for you. If you have small hands then I would recommend you to go for designs with small flowers or patterns that are fully visible on one side of the hand. If you still find a big floral design more attractive, remind the one applying Eid mehndi to scale the design down according to the size of your hands.

Knowing Your Complexion

Complexion can play an important role in what type and color of mehndi you choose. There are different types of mehndi to choose from and while they are different in their origins, the big difference lies in their colors. There is kali (black) mehndi, laal (red) and even peeli (yellow) mehndi. If you have dark complexion than black mehndi or dark colored mehndi might not be very visible on your hands. You can then go for the modernized mehndi styles that are adorned with different colors such as blue, yellow, green etc. These mehndi designs are best flaunted when freshly applied.

Play It Intelligently

When you go to a parlor to get a mehndi design on your hands, you are often showed a book in which you find many mehndi designs. Now, if you are confident and looking at it with attention, you can make things work for you even if it does not seem like so. You can ask the beautician to combine two different styles or apply only half of some mehndi design that you have chosen. For example, there might be a design that covers not only your hands but your forearms as well. You could tweak this design a bit and ditch the forearm part if you want. In a nutshell, the designs on the books are not the carvings in a stone. You can always have them tweaked as per your needs.

Embellish with Manicure

You can make a simple Eid mehndi design look gorgeous by going for the right manicure. First, get your hands cleaned thoroughly and scrubbed to get the real color out. Secondly, choose a mehndi design to on your hand and get a manicure accordingly. You could combine red mehndi with other brightly colored nail arts to make your hands look like the most beautiful ones in the town. Very few girls think about this idea but you can always go an extra mile and make your mehndi design even more special by embellishing your nails with some cool nail polish colors. For example, white mehndi with white nail paint looks gorgeous on dark complexions. For white hands you could go for red mehndi with fillings of orange or yellow and blue or bright red nail paint.

Keep Your Beauty Visible

Some girls have beautiful hands and very fair skin on. My hands are average i.e. they are not very beautiful but not unattractive too. However, girls who have beautiful hands with fair skin should give their beauty a chance. They can do it by choosing mehndi designs that let their skin peep through. In short, you should get a mehndi design that uses your hand’s beauty and fairness as part of the design. Hiding your hands completely with filled mehndi designs won’t do your hands justice.

Choosing The Right Mehndi Design

When you choose a mehndi design for your hands, you don’t always choose it based on what is there in the design. The designs in mehndi have been categorized mainly as Pakistani, Indian and Arabic mehndi designs. Within these types of mehndi designs you will find floral patterns, circular designs, geometric shapes, block designs and motifs. The best thing about Pakistani mehndi designs is that they are a combination of Indian and Arabic mehndi designs so you get the best of both worlds. If you want to take it up a notch with your mehndi designs, you could go for Mughlai designs that are very complex and require a lot of time to apply.

I have already made up my mind on which type of mehndi I will get. I will go with a Pakistani style but I have decided that this time I will make my mehndi design stand out not only for how it looks but by getting a manicure and nail art that compliments that design that I choose.