When you are looking at style, comfort and heels, all in one package for a shoe, then wedges are the way to go. Did you know that wedges were initially designed for Hollywood movie sets and movie stars? Basically, back in the day, it was a shoe worn only by the elite, today; you can wear and feel glamorous in wedges. Be careful though, you need to accessorise and dress accordingly if you want to look and feel great in them. Wedges are so versatile you can look great in them all season and with the right clothes in your wardrobe. Not only that, but you can also wear them for any occasion and almost anywhere only when you dress for them.

A short skirt or dress is perfect for such a great style of shoes. As we all know, summer is the best time to show off those legs and moreover the shoes. Wedge sandals eliminate sweaty feet and yet achieve a sexy look for your outfit. You would be happy to note that wedges are generally good with any length of skirt or dress. It’s not just the short ones that are perfect.

The right pair of denims will be perfect for wedges. Skinny jeans accentuate wedges well, provided you wear your correct size of denims. When they become too tight they will restrict your movement and it will make you look like you are having trouble walking in those heels. That is never a pretty sight. On the extreme hand, a bigger size appears baggy, and they tend to create a cluster at the bottom of your leg. Whether its wedge boots or sandals, it just looks messy and you ultimately eliminate the beauty of wedges.

A simple wrap dress coupled with some wedges will make you look like a fashion diva at your workplace. The outfit is simple, yet elegant and sophisticated for the workplace or for just a day out with your girlfriends. For a casual date, a pair of shorts and the right accessories will complement your wedges very well, or rather, they complement each other perfectly. To create a casual look, why not put on those flared denim jeans that are long enough to slightly cover your wedges, but short enough to leave the heel showing. The main idea is to show off those shoes, so why hide them right?

It will be injustice to the fashion world not to mention what not to wear with wedges, given that; they don’t look great in everything. You can put those wedges away when you are wearing a pencil skirt and straight paints. These do not complement wedges in any way, nor the other way round. Don’t wear them if you are going to wear Capris either, because that will be fashion suicide. When you want to take that stroll in style, with no pain, and a little bit taller, get those wedges and make sure you look good in them.