Students may show signs of anxiety and stress when they are faced with the idea of working in groups. The idea of receiving criticism from peers can be highly intimidating, especially for students who do not have a very good level of self-confidence and also those who are introverted in nature. Moreover, students tend to be very tough when giving criticism as they are unable to be diplomatic like teachers. Therefore, those students who have been a victim of such heavy criticism might have aversion to group activities and projects. However, this is a valuable tool that can be used by teachers for developing the future of their students.

In the professional arena, it is essential to collaborate and receive criticism for producing successful and solid results. A teacher can simply assign projects and expect students to overcome their fears, but it is also necessary to instill the importance of the group work instead of making it into a punishment. Teachers have to improve the social interaction of students in collaborative work projects. They have to be told that respectful and constructive discourse is expected and they should abstain from inappropriately critical dialogues. This teaches students that they all may have valid ideas and have to compromise for achieving the required results.

Most of the time, teachers stand in the class and ask questions. They will usually field answers from the same group of eager and confident students as the introvert ones do not raise their hands. Group activities allow these introverted students to work in a safe environment when they aren’t the focus of all eyes. They will be able to boost their confidence and critical thinking skills. Also, it requires collaboration with other members, which leads to sharing of knowledge and improves communication skills. They also enhance their problem solving and negotiating skills by identifying various solutions and expressing their viewpoint.

Hence, the different traits of a student improve under the watchful eyes of the teacher. In addition, working in groups may also be useful in identifying the specific skill or talent possessed by every student and helps them in giving it a bit of polish. Apart from that, working in group allows students to work more efficiently as the work is divided between them and they can finish sooner. Even teachers enjoy the results as they notice the efforts made by every single student. Working as part of a group can be immensely fruitful for the students and their teachers.