The dream of every blogger on internet is to earn lots of money. Most of the bloggers, those who are earning in real are associated with Google Adsense. There are some particular reasons behind; it is the simplest and most reputable network for adds over the internet. Unfortunately the dreams of many new bloggers don’t come true because of very strict rules and regulations applied for the approval of Google Adsense account. Obviously these restrictions are there for prevention of fraud, to avoid spam as well as to reduce the possibility of fake accounts. It is true that some times, real and legitimate bloggers’ accounts also get disapproved. If you have already applied for Google Adsense and you got it approved, still there are chances to be rejected on the later stage because they keep on reviewing your blogs and it might happen for so many reasons. Nothing is impossible in this universe; hence you can get 100% approval of your Google Adsense account if you follow few things regarding your account.

To get approval for your Google Advertising account, URL as well as the age of your blog really matters a lot. You have to get registered with some top level domain because if you have blog on some sub domain, there are more chances to be rejected when you will apply for Google Adsense account. One of the major reasons for the rejection of sub domain names is; Google consider these domains as unsecure and unsafe. Sub domains are more likely to be victims of Spams. So if you have a blog or website on any sub domain such as cc, ca, co or any other then your application for Google Adsense account will definitely be rejected. There are rare chances for the approval of a blog which exists on sub domain. It can get approved only and only if it is one of the blogs. But it is recommended to register your blog with top level domains especially with .com if you wish to get your request approved for Google Adsense. You can obtain a good domain name with several top level domains such as GoDaddy, Seda and many others.

If you are ready to apply for Google Adsense account, it is suggested to have quality check of your blog. You can do it yourself by reviewing the contents of your blog. You must have 50 to 100 quality articles posted on your blog. Still it can’t be guaranteed that if you have 100 articles, you will get approval of Google Advertising account. Have a look on traffic logs for your website. There is something certainly good in it, if your website is getting traffic from Google and other search engines. Back links also play important role in getting approval for your Google Adsense account.

Chances are far above the ground for the approval of your Google Advertising account if your website or some of its pages are liked and shared by people on social networking websites such as FaceBook, Google+, Twitter and so on. Design of your website is another important factor if you want to get Google Adsense account. All details on your website must correct otherwise your application for Google Adsense will be rejected at once. You should only submit one application for Adsense account. In case if your application for Adsense is refused, you must be careful about submitting a review application for Google Adsense.