How To Get Rid Of Calluses On Your Toes

Getting rid of calluses on the toes needs proper care. If done carelessly, the calluses might end not getting out of the toes permanently. Depending on the intensity of the build, the methods of removing calluses from toes are very many. Not all methods are reliable in removing the calluses; hence you must know how to get rid of calluses on your toes using some of the best methods. Depending on the choice, time and financial capability, you can choose the one that fits you best. They all work efficiently with little or fewer side effects, if procedures are followed carefully.

Soaking as a method of callus removal

You can soak your toes in Chamomile for about twenty minutes. Although it stains the calluses and skins, it quickly removes the calluses from the toes. It is one of the methods, in case, you did not know how to get rid of the calluses from your toes. It is  known to be efficient by the compact majority. You can as well soak the calluses in two tablespoons of baking soda solution. This would assist in removing the calluses. Epsom salt dissolved in lukewarm water is also an efficient way of getting rid of the calluses. Alternatively, you can soak bread in vinegar of apple. Before sleeping, you can apply the bread-vinegar jelly on the calluses. It would remove the callus completely after several days.

Scrubbing the calluses

This is a manual way of removing the calluses from the toes. You need to soak the calluses first, for them to become soft. Rub the calluses in a circular manner ensuring that you do not injure yourself. If the buildup is intense, rinse the part as you rub it to get a clear space on the surface. Rub until the part turns pink, and even you feel some burning sensation. You can take a shower after that to clean the area so that pathogens do not infiltrate the place. Here you can see best calluses remover reviews.

For permanent removal

Drying the calluses is another way of permanently getting rid of the calluses. This involves the use of live heat. After that, you should use a soaked towel and attach to the dried calluses. This would easily soften and remove the calluses completely. It is always safe and easy, but very demanding. Olive oil application on the callus has also been effective in removing the calluses. Leave the callus overnight after applying some olive oil. It would be easily peeled from the toe. Alternatively, you can peel a pineapple. Use the pineapple to apply it on the callus. Pineapple contains enzymes that react with dead tissues degrading them to become easily peeled off from the skin. This removes the calluses.

All methods used should be selected in regard to safety and severity of the calluses. You can use medicines like the aspirin. Crush, say five tabs, dissolve them and apply to the callus. You should then cover the callus with a plastic bag for about twenty minutes. Remove the plastic bag and then peel off the callus. This method is, however, not suitable for those who are diabetic and react to aspirin.