How To Fight Fleas To Save Your Pet

Fleas are tiny in size, dark in color, and suck blood from their host. These insects are like a nuisance for both humans as well as animals. They cause various medical and skin problems such as itching and rashes. Fleas make a reason for high concern for many dog owners. If these pests have infested your pet, you are probably looking for a way to remove them as quickly as possible. Following​ are some tips to remove fleas from your dog.

Wash Your Pet With Natural Flea Soap:

Use a natural flea soap to wash your pet. Make sure you leave the soap on the dog for 10-15 minutes as it will cause suffocation to fleas and they will begin searching for oxygen to survive. Now wash down your dog’s coat carefully so that fleas are gone down to the floor.  You can also use regular liquid soap to wash your pet for the said purpose.

Use Dog Flea Collar:

When it comes to protecting your pet from fleas, flea collar for dogs can be one of the effective ways available at present. Serest Flea collar is suitable for small dogs and can be effective for 8 months while 4-in-1 dog flea collar is meant to tailor to big dogs. Depending on the condition, you can use dog flea collars for both prevention and treatment of dogs for fleas.

Keep The Dog Collar Clean:

It is also important that you take good care of your dog collars. Usually, when a dog wears the collar, it gets warm and eventually helps fleas hatch their eggs. Therefore, wash the collar with anti-germs liquid soap and water at least twice or thrice a week. Also, never use dog collar until the pet is completely dry. In addition, wash everything that is in use of your dog such as dog bedding, rugs area, and soft toys. Don’t forget to wash your bedding if your pet sleeps on beds

Baking Soda For Your Carpets

Most families have carpets in their house which are normally accessed by your pet. Sprinkle adequate amount of baking soda on each carpet where your dog has the access. Use broom to sweep baking soda onto the carpets and leave the application to work for at least 6 hours. When the time is up, vacuuming the carpets. You can use this tip once a month to keep down on the fleas. Additionally, vacuuming frequently all the areas where your pet walks and sleeps is helpful to get rid of the fleas. You can also prevent fleas by using tiled or wooden floors to keep your dog.

Take Care Of Your Family

Taking care of your family is highly important when you following any tips to treat your dog for flea. Make sure your children are out of these areas. If you are doing any of procedures during summer when your kids are home, it will be advisable to take them out for a picnic and let the application do its work. Same goes for baking soda use, if any of your family members is allergic then you must take your doctor’s opinion about doing this.