How to Enhance the Appeal of Your Small Living Room Within A Budget

Your living room is the area you spend most of your time every day. Besides that, the living room is also the place where you entertain your friends and guests, and somehow leaves best or worst impression about you to them. Having a functional and beautiful living room is nothing impossible. All you have to do is follow a few simple guidelines to make sure you decorate your living area to turn it into a marvelous design in no time. Here, we will discover some ideas which are light on budget but are very helpful when it comes to beautifying your living room:


When you have a small living space, you actually are short on storage. However, whether it be a small living area or big space, nothing looks beautiful when it is too cluttered. Before you actually go for improving the look of your living room, take an honest look at it to find out if your living room has lots of clutter and overwhelmed by extra stuff. Get rid of everything that is unessential. Add hidden storage and take full advantage of space under coffee and end tables.  You can utilize small nooks as a place for wall shelves. You can consider wardrobes, closet storage systems and stock kitchen cabinets for the purpose.

Get Rid of Extra Furniture

If you have a sofa, some chairs and two end tables in your small living room then you have actually gotten a drop zone for clutter. Remove some of your extra furniture to increase floor space. Start adding pieces you think fit most to the area. Stop adding anything leftover when you find you have laid out your room the way you like.

Beautify Living Room Walls

If you are looking for a quick and easy way to spruce up your living area, changing the color of your room or adding a feature wall will be a great pick. Painting walls is a not expensive and provides an easy way to get a light and warm tone to open up your room.

Add Mirrors To Enhance Lighting

Adding mirrors can be a great way for transforming a small and dark space into a room that gives you the feelings of a lighter, wider and spacious area. A few ideas include hanging mirror opposite windows to reveal more light into your living room, or placing them behind candles or flora to increase their effect.

Rearrange Your Fixtures And Decoration

If your budget doesn’t allow you buy new curtains and a new sofa, then you can get a thorough cleaning for your old curtains and furniture with wash and vacuum. Replace your old light with the latest, beautiful light covers, and energy-saving bulbs.

Add Plants and Flowers

Consider adding fresh flowers to brighten up the living room and get natural fragrances. Herbs and some other green plants can also add an amazing beauty to your room, and provide an easy, quick and most cost effective way to add color and nature to your living room.