How to Dress like a Professional Woman

Dressing the part is the first step you need to take if you plan to go a lot ahead in your career. Long ago, men were the only people working in offices, which had given birth to professional attire in the menswear section. Even though women have also joined the ranks, there are some professions where strict professional standards are adhered to in terms of dress and attire. Hence, as a woman, if you wish to make the grade, you also have to suit up. Here are some tips that you will find helpful when dressing yourself as a professional woman:

  • Don a suit. A conservative suit is the best way to come off as professional. You need something in gray, black or navy with a straight skirt, cuffed trousers and a traditional notched collar. While it is possible to stay from these common colors, the choice should always be dark. When you are choosing a suit, always think if a man in your office is likely to buy such a suit before you purchase it.
  • Use a white blouse when looking for something to pair with the suit. A white or off-white blouse can keep the look professional when it is worn with a dark suit. Go for the basic button-down cotton blouses that don’t have any embellishments like ruffles.
  • Wear a jacket with a dress. As long as it is paired with a suit jacket, even a dress can look professional. A medium to dark color should be chosen for the dress and it should not be shorter than knee-length. If the print is conservative and muted, even a printed dress can be worn at work. When you are looking at options in printed dresses, think if a man working in your office would select a tie in that print and then make a decision.
  • Go with flats or pumps in the shoes department. The quintessential shoe for professional women is pumps. Find a closed toe pump navy, black or brown shade, which has a two to three inch heel. Flats can also be a good choice when you are looking for an alternative of heels that you can wear with pantsuits. Again, the flat should have a closed toe because they need to play the same role as a man’s loafers.
  • Hair should be styled conservatively. The hair of professional women shouldn’t be a distraction for her or someone else. If you have short hair, style them neatly so they stay out of the face. In case of long hair, make sure they are put up or pulled back and secured in place.
  • The choice of jewelry should also be made carefully. The professional edge of your look can be tarnished if you choose too big or too much jewelry. You can buy a single pair of non-dangling earrings as they are subtle and elegant. Other acceptable choices in jewelry include wedding rings and a wristwatch as they complete the professional look.

Many thanks to Hooria Hassan for making a contribution to this post. Read more fashion posts by here at her new blog