Labeled as a man’s best friend, dogs can prove to be wonderful pets for people, despite the monetary investment and time that is required for keeping them. There are a hundred of reasons why dogs can be the ideal pets for most people. Some of these reasons include their loyal nature, steadfast companionship, lively dispositions, ability to act as guard dogs and the variety that can be found.

The dog and man relationship is extremely special because it has managed to endure for a thousand years. This is perhaps because of good communication between them. Sometimes, even a single look between the owner and dog gets the meaning across to both of them. However, in order to accomplish this bond of communication, it is essential for dog owners to be affectionate with their dogs, but firm at the same time to show who is in charge. Here are some tips that can prove to be handy for communicating affectionately with your dog:

1-    Owners should keep a close eye on the body language of their dogs. People who have had dogs for a while will be able to tell when the dog is afraid, anxious or happy. Proper reaction can be given to the dog once the owner is aware of the feelings their pet is encountering at a particular time.

2-    The dog should be ignored until it does whatever you want it to do. Affectionate communication is required, yes. But, it doesn’t have to excessive communication. When the dog does something good and it is given proper attention; this will help your pet in understanding the importance of your attention. Otherwise, they might simply take it for granted if it’s bestowed all the time.

3-    Pet owners can get their meaning across to the dogs with their body language. Dogs usually look at their owners when something exciting, interesting or strange happens in order to decide how to react. Dogs have the ability of picking up on very slight signals, which people might give off without knowing. For instance, owners should not tell their dog not to worry when they wish to reassure them. Instead, they should simply learn to relax their own stance to get the meaning across.

4-    Take part in dog activities every once in a while. Dogs like to sniff things and run around and they are even happier when it’s done in a pack. Spend time with your dog by taking them to walks.

5-    Regular grooming of the dog is also another important fact. Not only is it healthy for the dog in question, but it will also prove to be beneficial for enhancing the owner and dog relationship.

6-    Trust-building exercises should also be performed with the dog like obstacle courses. These exercises can have two fold benefits. They are helpful in boosting the confidence of the dogs and at the same time, they foster a very close relationship between the owner and the dog.

With these steps, people can behave affectionately with their dogs and get the same in return.