How the Discussion on Sex Topic Should Be Initiated with Teens

The teenage years are those years when people are not children and not adults yet. Although this is a very confusing time of our lives, it is possible to sort things out, at least regarding sexual matters. If teens have the help of their parents, it is much easier for them to face some common doubts and curiosities. This will help them follow the right way and not make any decisions they might regret in the near future. From unexpected pregnancies to STDs, dealing with sex the wrong way can indeed change a life forever.

How Can Parents, Family and Friends Help?

Teens truly need the help of friends and family when it comes to going through certain periods of life. It is very important to have the right guidance, especially family wise. If you are a parent, or even have any teen in the family, make sure you talk to him or her and be as helpful as possible. Although most teens today start their sexual lives around 15 years of age in the USA, parents should still be there to guide the kids. This is an early stage of life, when teens do not have an idea of how big sex and its consequences can be.

Parents are the best people for teens; after all they are the base! If parents simply leave it for the teens to make the wrong decisions and learn by falling, they would be neglecting their own children their utmost obligation: being an actual parent. It is important to keep in mind, that although parents cannot do everything they can help!

How to Begin with the Sex Topic

This indeed might be a hard task. Although it might get pretty uncomfortable to talk on sex topic with teens, it is something needed. Make sure you find the best time possible and talk to your teen. Make sure you do not start the conversation in an uncomfortable way, make sure you are friendly at all times. This will make your teen feel much more comfortable and willing to share his ideas, fears and also dreams. This is also a very nice way to continuously keep track of your teen’s life, even when the subject is not safe sex. The more you are part of his or her life, the better.

Make sure you explain all of your points of view and show why you are worried about such topic. Explain mistakes and its consequences, as well as show teens what they should do. If they end up making the wrong decision, even though you showed what would be best for them, then do not worry, it is not your fault. As long as you do your best and try to teach them what is good for them, then you should be totally rid of any guilt. Your duty as a parent is to show the best way, but doing it is only up to your child.