Organizations where a lot of computers are used for office use often tend to virtualize their whole system. Resources can be utilized and distributed more efficiently if we use Virtualization technology. This reduces the complexity of dealing with the problems of every computer frequently because the computers will use the hardware that is installed on the local server and not in the computer. The computers access the internal memory from the server which has high specifications to handle multiple computers at a time. Virtualization is useful because you have to deal with the problems of one computer only and that is the server and it reduces the workload on your IT department. The maintenance and protection of the server is done by the IT specialists that you hire from different companies.

There are a lot of companies that offer their services to virtualize your network to reduce the complexity of the network. Less complexity means less problems and ultimately more output than before because no employees will have to sit idle just because they are having difficulties with the computer. Virtualization can be used to create and share operation systems in a local area network and you can have the administrative rights to control the permissions and rights on local computers. The software that the company provides with the Virtualization has tools that allow you to monitor and debug the problems on your virtual computer network without losing data and the saved settings. It also gives you the chance to make experiments and researches as your local network is isolated and only you have the rights and permissions to access the files you want.

In Full Virtualization the software virtualizes enough hardware to create a new guest operating system while in partial Virtualization, you select specific applications and tools that you want your employees to use and not the whole operating system because that would be the full version of virtualized network. This technology could be very useful in case of unexpected and disastrous data loss because you can run recovery tools that come along with the software. In this way, it also works as a backup tool for your database and you can choose to make backup on the external server using internet protocol or you can use external storage devices for this purpose. Nowadays, there are a lot of different companies offering this technology for home users or professionals depending upon their needs.