How Do You Build a Community Through Social Media?

Enough has been said about the power and importance of Social Media and there is nothing new to add, except stating what is now the obvious- Social Media is crucial to any kind of online success, whether it’s personal or professional.

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In fact, from a business point of view, Social Media now ties in with all kinds of digital marketing efforts too. If one talks to any top online marketing firm in India, or anyone offering social media plans, they will re-enforce the fact that a successful Social Media campaign is inherent to a successful online marketing campaign overall.

Often, when we talk about Social Media, the word community comes up. The reason for this is simple: community building and successful networking is the essence of being successful in Social Media. The intrinsic need to link and create a group of people who are like-minded with common interests has translated itself effectively from real life into the online world via the Social Media platform.

So what are the steps that one can take to build an active and robust online community that builds the business and serves the brand well?

First of all, don’t go forgetting that Social Media success actually requires your being social. These channels are not avenues for only for self-promotion, but for connecting with a community of like-minded people interested in taking their interests online. It’s perfectly acceptable to use Social Media for lead generation, but don’t go overboard with the hard-sell. That’s not what Social Media is about.

Ok, now that we’ve cleared that little bit, here’s what else you need to keep in mind.

Find ways to attract a relevant audience: Yes, this bit will take a little brainstorming, but don’t skip it. One of the most crucial aspects of building an active network is to try and get more quality as opposed to quantity. In saying so, you might end with a large number of people in your network but if they are not active or engaging enough then the basic purpose of the community is lost. It is important to build a community where the audience is interested in what you are offering.

To attract such people you can put extra effort into creating valuable and interesting content that is part of a niche. What exactly does that mean? Don’t talk about grocery shopping lists on a photography community, or vice-versa. And like we said before, skip the hard-sell self-promo. Sure, you can announce your new products and new changes, but put a little thought into why anyone would care and how it would prove to be useful to them.

Satisfy your audience: The satisfaction of your community members is the driving force behind the success of your community. Paying attention to your network as well as finding ways to highlight your members and interacting with them will provide good rewards.

Remember, at the heart of Social Media success is a strong content development strategy that has roots in genuinely wanting to offer support and help to the audience. To keep yourself organized, create a consistent calendar where you schedule regular updates and new content to keep the audience interested and engaged. Keep an eye out for power users and facilitate them with resources and incentives to becoming your online brand ambassadors.

Diversify: If there’s anything that the number of images on the web tells us, it’s that people communicate a lot better and with a lot more clarity when they can represent an idea visually. Don’t be afraid to branch away from the comfortable corner where textual content lives and go where you can involve your design team in creating beautiful and relevant visual content that people in your community can relate to.

The entire idea of a successful Social Media community is to foster ongoing engagement. Find best social media promotional services to get your members talking amongst themselves which will help build and maintain momentum.

Building a powerful community through Social Media is important enough that a lot of agencies factor it into their SEO services pricing. It’s a strategic component of digital marketing plans and that explains the importance it is given. The online communities are the hubs of interaction, communication and engagement. Leveraging them smartly therefore can lead to great success.

Share with us what your experience has been with expanding your Social Media outreach. What strategies of yours seemed to work better than others?