Everyone admires beauty that is found in the world. Those who love beauty, whether natural or constructed, must visit and try to capture the spent moments and enjoy for the whole life. It is very common that people select a traveling destination for their holidays, if you are planning and in confusion of what place would be better, just ignore all the tension regarding the selection and choose Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum that is famous for its booming loveliness. It is situated in Hanoi, Vietnam that is popular for its catchy parks, lakes, shady boulevards and many more tourism or traveling points. It was constructed in 1975 and has sloping roof with the outer gray granite area and grey, black and red polished stones present in the inner area of the mausoleum that have increased its marvelous loveliness. The building was inspired by the mausoleum of Lenin in Moscow but integrates distinct Vietnamese architectural rudiments, like sloping roof.

Location and Structure

It is located in the center of Ba Dinh Square where Vietminh leader Ho Chi Minh has read the Declaration of Independence on 2nd September, 1945. The former home of Ho Chi Minh City has been converted into a memorable museum. It is 70.9 feet high and 135.2 feet wide and is in front of mausoleum is divided into pathways of two hundred and forty green squares. There are about two hundred and fifty types of plants and flowers that make the surroundings more attractive. It daily opens for some hours and all visitors may visit during the specific time. You must know that there are some rules and regulations for the visitors such as they must be quite and walk in two queues, the hands are not allowed to keep in pockets and not in the arms cross position.

The Great Tourist Experience

Tourists experience the body of the former, Ho Chi Minh in a glass case with dim lights that have been preserved in a cooled and central hall. You can see the military honor guard here; thousands of visitors come and pay homage to him. As a visitor you are bound to obey the rules like your legs should be covered. Eating, drinking, smoking, photography and video making are not allowed in any part of the mausoleum. Tourists cannot take bags and cameras with them when they are entering in the mausoleum but they are facilitated with the guide who keeps these things. The whole atmosphere impresses the visitors and they enjoy a lot.

If you select Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum for your visiting destination, you and your family will definitely be entertained here. Do not think more and now take decision to travel to the great public and tourist spot that has many charms and unlimited sources of fun that make your visit memorable. Beauty with discipline can be observe here easily, all travelers show high application on the rules which has designed for the people who come over here. This mausoleum has great importance among different similar constructions and the Vietnam’s tourism industry earns several millions of dollars every year.