The Android is among the most prolific and widely known operating systems in the present era. It was developed by Android Inc., but now is owned by Google. Thanks to the exceptionally conducive and swift functionality of the system in question. It has been integrated among the framework and working mechanisms of a large number of mobile phones that hailor belong to various developers and companies. The main reason for which this OS has been the object of much preference by a vast majority of the members in the cellular based development field lies in the fact that it has been unmatched in performance, and it facilitates potential and convenience towards the users.

The Android OS has been the object of much development and evolution. The culmination of said development or evolving process has been the origin of various or further variations on its platform. Such newer versions of the platform are as follows:

Android 2.2

The 2.2 is an advanced and updated version. It boasts of a large number of updated and improved features that can better facilitate and accommodate the needs of mobile users. Among these features and functionalcapabilities of this version, some of the most prominent and well known features are below:

1. Updated home screen that allows better navigation and interface.

2. Improved security

3. Exchange support

4. Portable hot-spot abilities

5. Improved Camera and Gallery functions

Android 2.3

The 2.3 or Gingerbread is one of the most advanced and swift versions of the Android OS. The platform has been updated in a manner that has been consistent with the preferences and feedbacks from the users. It was developed in response to the views, opinions and perspectives of the many users of the android platforms and was designed to alleviate and remove the minute or minor technical issues that the previous Android version had entailed or displayed. This new version comes packed with enhanced and attractive features that are sure to impress and please newcomers and veterans of the Android platform alike.

Some of the many new and improved features that this OS entails are as follows:

1. An improved user interface performance that allows for improved speed and efficiency of functions

2. Swifter and more comfortable input of text based bodies

3. Improved management or control over power options

4. Better control over applications

5. Tweaked Camera performance for the better

6. Heightened performance ion downloading

7. Internet calls

8. Near field based communications

9. Better performance in gaming based applications

The Android 2.3 and 2.2 are both the attractive versions and are surely proficient at the tasks appointed or allocated to them.

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