Though not necessary but if you could figure out how much power does the addition of a hat gives to your personality when you go to a people’s gathering, you would never feel complete without it. Furthermore, women have got a lot of options when it comes to hats and the latest trends include almost any type of hat that you would like to wear. The latest fashion shows have flaunted almost all types of hats but you will get to know a list of ones that were most popular and loved by people. Wearing the right hat at the right time will make you look far more than you can imagine.

Here are the types of hats that you could try in 2013:

Fur Hats

No wonder fur hats could be predicted by anyone when the topic is “winter hats”: however, they can never be thrown out of fashion because they have such an impact. Fur hats are still in fashion and with the same natural tones. However, now you have even more choices with some great bright colors in fur hats as well. The great thing about latest fur hats is their sizes and designs that are virtually unlimited. You can get the small to big ones and also the ones that could be wrapped around your face and neck. Why fur hats don’t go out of fashion is that they are extremely versatile; which means that you can wear them with any type of dressing: formal to casual.

Cloche Hats

For any woman who wants the perfect feminine look with elegance and style, cloche hats are the perfect choice. Are they out of fashion? Absolutely not! Chic coats and skirt suits are the best dresses to wear cloche hats with but if looking at the latest trends it seems that they are also becoming versatile with time. You will mostly find them in sober and decent colors: black, grey, patterned black and grey etc. For anyone expecting to join a wedding party in 2013, trendy cloche hats are the way to go.

Gaucho Hats

No one could imagine that gaucho hats will also be considered as the trendiest hats for the current and coming years but the truth is, they are still trendy. The latest fashion shows have used them with strapless dresses such as the cocktail dresses. They look perfect and with their specific feminine look, they add to the beauty of any woman wearing such a hat. Since strapless cocktail dresses have been displayed by the designers as perfect dresses to wear gaucho hats with, you can decide where you can wear them now. Traditionally, you would only wear them when watching a polo event or any such occasions.

Anyone with courage and confidence must give a try to the hats mentioned above. Remember, fashion and trend are behavioral change in what people wear or do, they are not laws. Breaking the rules has been in fashion for quite some time now so don’t hold back and wait to show the new look that you have been thinking of getting.