So the good and expensive collection of handbags lets you stand out high and proud among your girlies and you boost about it proudly. Yea! You should be! After all, keeping a variety of vibrant handbags that go with almost all of your collection in wardrobe is just a startling thing in any girls pack. Are you considered hygienic? If yes, then to what limit? Does being hygienic mean staying away from any germ that might put your health at risk? Indeed!! So, you might get out of your home carrying your favorite handbag while rubbing some sanitizer on your hands. But Wait!!! Ever wondered this colorful necessity might be putting you through health risks? Hardly! It’s hard to picture that creepy notion.

Come to grip with the fact? Yes, it is true! A study revealed so! According to the British company initial washroom hygiene, more than 20% of the women handbags carry massive amounts of germs than the average toilet. Astonishing!! According to the company, one in five handbags carry bad bacterias that can cause greater health risks in people. The surface of any handbag can be the niche of many bacteria that can be transferred from one place to another. Your handbag comes in contact with hands and many surfaces that have these bad germs as you move from place to place. So they stick to your hand bag and ride along with you without being noticed. These bacteria might be less dodgy or more. Who knows!!

Are you ready for another maddening fact? These leather bags, that are known to be cherishing women all around, are the most favorite breeding sitting rooms of these bacteria. So that depicts the most cherished fantasy could be the breeding ground of these darned creatures. The reason is the spongy feel of the leather bags that makes the breeding even more fun sport for them.

Not only handbags surface but also the stuff packed in them have bacterias on it. For example the cream bottles and other containers are the dirtiest spots in terms of bacteria’s dwelling on it. Also, the headphones, an essential, carry many germs that may cause you ear infection if it’s been shared among people. Money, your dough, carries millions of germs while in your bag. Hence, the handbag is not only itself a bacterial display place, but also the things that are stuffed in it.

How to Deal with It?

So, there are some ways which might bring the number down. Here we go:

•    Women should clean their handbags once in a while to keep the number down. There are many handbag cleaners and wipes are available that can clean and sanitize the handbags without making the color look fade.
•    Women should sanitize their hands before and after using handbag while on shopping spree or any other event. This will minimize the transmission of diseases.
•    Also, use some products to clean the bottles and other stuff that you take along with you.

Germs are everywhere, you can’t free yourself. The only thing you can do is to minimize the contact so that you are less likely to get into ant health risk. So, next time you carry your bag, be aware, because you are carrying some uninvited company along you.