Today, handbags hold vital importance and much more credibility than just an accessory in woman’s life. Back in days, before handbags came in fashion swing, shocked response raged the market with demand, eventually with time fashion scope got to accept it. Handbag is necessity in every woman’s life whoever carries a thing more than regular few tiny items; it lugs everything a woman needs to go through a day because handbags are particularly designed to enable hauling possessions in an organized and handy manner. Some of the handbags are little fashionable and some exactly up to minute chic but all of them handout their purpose capably. Handbag is only accessory that withstand all daily use things; basically it’s a moveable base for women’s supplies. For women handbags are a just as important as any other shopping mania. They come in excessively vast range and numerous materials to go along well with every requirement and occasion. Some very popular, stylish, easy to carry, and reasonably priced handbag’s types are mentioned below:

Hobo Bag: It comes in both large and small bag figure with crescent shape holding strap. Hobo bags stick close to armpit because of middling span crescent strap. They look smart and trendy in any color or material.

Messenger Bag: It has been typically inspired by postman bag or bicycle messenger, but feverishly became widespread fashion craze in women as well as man. Messenger bag is usually made of waterproof and robust material; it comes in 3 basic sizes with long strap to wear diagonally around the body. Sling bag is similar to messenger bag, only sling comes in relatively small in size.

Tote Bag: Colored and adorned version of “shopper”, tote bag comes in various sizes, colors, and materials with two holding straps just as the shopper has. It can engulf almost everything while still remaining easy to carry.

Bucket Bag: Not exactly a bucket! it looks more like a big pouch with straps, it varies mostly in material than colors. Bucket bag is very common for it’s really spacious and gets along smartly with every outfit. Its length comes in two sizes with medium shoulder strap.

Baguette Bag: It is the most chic and in the fashion form of bags. Baguette bag comes in rectangular shape, relatively long in horizontal shape than top to bottom, with chain holding strap. It comes in different colors and patterns to accommodate all attires.

Satchel Bag: This satchel shape bag has rapidly turned into Hollywood fashion statement. It is a double handled, flat bottom bag which can varies immeasurably in size. Satchel bag comes in various colors and textures but are very popular in bright shades and glossy leather.

Feed Bag: If one does not spend much on it, then feed bag can easily be used to feed animals, not only inspired by it but comes just in the similar profile. Feed bag is the stunning creation in beautiful colors, and most stylish accessory to carry on jeans.