Hair Trends For The Upcoming Season

Looking trendy and fashionable means that one has to go through the latest fashion magazines and blogs to find out what’s in and what’s no longer popular. This concept is not only applicable to dresses, shoes, bags and other accessories like jewelry. It is also true in the case of hair colors, hair styles and other similar trends. With every season, there is a change in the fashion for every aspect of the appearance. For the upcoming season, some stylish, easy and convenient hair trends have been introduced. These include:

Slicked Back

This trend seems to be ongoing for every season and has an un-parted and swept back style that’s worn slicked to the back from the top and remains matte and straight at the back. It can give off a sleek and elegant appearance when needed and can be made in a casual setting as well, which is why it’s a dual set trend.

Show Pony

The low ponytail seems to be back for another season and one couldn’t be more pleased because it is low maintenance and can be made on the run. Also, this do can add a masculine look as well because it’s androgynous yet super slick at the same time.

Seventies Meets Forties

A Forties twist is given to the seventies-style glamorous waves in the form of side parting and the hair at the top of the head is worn flat. The look gives off a retro feel for those who are after that look and can stand out in a crowd.

Tucked In

This particular hairstyle was introduced in the summer for its convenience and neat look in the heat, but it seems to be continuing because it can add some nonchalance to the appearance. However, it can also be boosted up with loose styles and proper accessories when needed.


This is one of the hardest trend to translate into daily life or when going to an event. It is used for establishing just-out-of-the shower insouciance and involves showing off wet and tangled waves of hair. Tousled ponytails can also be made from the damp looking hair for a casual touch.

Sleek Low Pony

Glossy, low ponytails that are straight as arrows and either parted deep at the sides or slicked back at the crown can give a unique and put-together look.


While it may not be the biggest trend that’s being followed in regard to hairstyles, this definitely seems to be popular again nowadays and crimp-like imprints can be made onto the hair by plaiting them and then untying them.

Apart from these hairstyles, there are other simpler and easier styles such as fringes or natural and gentle waves in the hair that are also part of the latest hair trends. These simply enhance the appearance of hair instead of styling them up and are excellent options for making quick hair dos. Highlights, extensions, dyeing and two-toning hair and making different styles is also in nowadays along with pixie cuts and loose ponytails and strands.