Great Tips For New Mothers

Finally! Nine long months have come to pass and your lovely baby is now growing in your arms. The feeling is simply wonderful as it means starting a new life, facing new challenges and if you are a first-timer; then a whole raft of uncertainties and worries. Even if you thought that you were ready and well-prepared before the birth, things feel completely different now that the new one has finally arrived in your arms. Worries and fears will come rushing back as you learn that you are supposed to deal with a horde of responsibilities as a new life is now dependent on you. Fortunately, there are some great tips for new mothers that can help them learn what they have to come in this important phase of their life:

1-     Rope in your friends and family. Trusted friends and family should be chosen that can help you in coping during the early days. For the first month or so, you simply have to be focused on the baby and nap whenever you get the chance, so that you are available for feeding the baby whenever she is hungry. You cannot hand the baby to someone else and sleep. However, you can delegate housework like cooking, doing laundry and even running errands to someone else.

2-     Make time for yourself. While the initial days are all about the baby, this doesn’t mean you neglect yourself. Relax and meditate whenever possible or even soak in a hot tub. Your body requires some time for healing, especially if you have had a caesarean. You will only become unhappy and anxious if you put too much pressure on yourself.

3-     Make a list of contact numbers. These should be of people you can call when you need help so that if you do panic, you don’t have to hunt for numbers. This is usually your mother, close friend or neighbor whom you can use as a soundboard.

4-     Babies are fragile. It takes the baby six weeks to learn how to support her head, and you have to do it for her in the meantime. The neck muscles aren’t developed and strong enough to carry the head so use your hand to support the back of her head whether you are bathing her, feeding her or just holding her.

5-     Frequent feeding. A full night’s sleep is just a dream now. The baby needs to be fed frequently, usually after every two hours. Gradually, you’ll learn the difference in her cries when she wakes because of a dirty diaper, hunger or just for experimentation.

6-     Use lavender oil. This can be very helpful if your baby is unhappy and is not settling down. Take a drop in your palm and rub your hands together so that she can detect the scent when you pick the baby up.

7-     Crib comfort. Her crib has to be warm, but not so much that it stifles her. Check the crib and the bedding to ensure its comfortable for the baby and meets all the safety standards.